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WORKPLACE REALITY. Preparing Grade 11’s and 12’s for employment in South Africa. 2011’s workplace. Tangible change to the workplace in the last 12 weeks. Inspiration has given way to desperation. Previous wealth is repalced with extreme frugality.

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  1. WORKPLACE REALITY Preparing Grade 11’s and 12’s for employment in South Africa

  2. 2011’s workplace . . . • Tangible change to the workplace in the last 12 weeks. • Inspiration has given way to desperation. • Previous wealth is repalced with extreme frugality. • Caution seems to have replaced innovation and growth in the workplace.

  3. Some depressing stuff… • SA has a 46% unemployment rate. • Retrenchments are rocketing. • Recruitment is slowing • Companies are hunting qualified black employees and women. • Expectations of new applicants. • (Increasing) Conservatism of older employers. • Affirmative Action affects black and white. • Black Economic Empowerment.

  4. But wait – there’s more… MOST OF OUR GRADE 12’s LAUNCH INTO THIS WORKPLACE IN ONLY 10 MONTHS TIME. Slowing economy. Reluctance to train Employees. Demand for trained experience. Private school education. Expectations of new candidates. Starting at the top. Employing people under 30 years old. Disgruntled white men. Salaries are dropping with real income. Benefits are vanishing. More than ever – they need to know what is coming there way at work.

  5. And now for the good news… Mr. Gordham believes we are safe. SA has a horrific skills shortage. Global economic “non-depression” is bringing skills back. BEE demands more women. Private school education. More women in executive/board level. Entrepreneurial spirit of white men.

  6. … but wait - there’s even is more… • More women-owned and managed companies than ever. • SA protects its women at work more than any other country. • The millennium generation are chameleons. • Young black women have a positive impression. • The smallest spark is nurtured – if it is MADE evident.

  7. … were not finished just yet… • Employees rights are well entrenched and respected. • 475 days to the world cup. • Employers are looking for cheaper labour. • Matriculants are seen as unused, trainable and cheap. • The kind of flexible innovation of the Millennial in the workplace is what the country needs. EMPLOYING A MATRICULANT IS AN EXPENSIVE RISK – EMPLOYERS NEED TO FEEL CONFIDENT IN MAKING THE COMMITTMENT AND KNOW THEY WILL BENEFIT FROM IT.

  8. Employers impression of matriculants as employees. …and all of this is in their favour. • Can’t hold onto them long enough. • Happy to be out of work. • Assume they will find work anywhere. • Believe that can do anything. • Not limited by geography • Too independent and can’t work together. • Technologically scary. • Too flexible and too clever. • Self serving. • Not career-specific orientated.

  9. What does the employer want? • Cooperation and obedience. • Integrity and initiative. • A full day’s work. • Speak up when something goes wrong. • To be motivated and to keep learning. • Constantly improving job performance. • Cooperate with other employees. • Self disciplined. • Emotional maturity. • Be able to take criticism.

  10. Most common difficulties with matriculants at work? • Timekeeping. • Deadlines. • Personal effect on the professional. • Porn. • Cell Phones and FaceBook • Use of resources which are not work related. • General disregard for workplace rules. • General disregard for managerial authority. • Consistently broke.

  11. Grade 11s & 12s need to know…. • The CV and making it easy to be employed. • The first impression. • Managing the interview. • The tricks interviewers will play on them. • How to sell themselves • The first day. • Workplace behavior. • The rules of the workplace.

  12. Grade 11s & 12s need to know…. • Their legal rights in terms of law. • What discrimination is. • What sexual harassment is. • What affirmative action and employment equity • are. • Commitment expected from them. • Financial planning as employed adults.

  13. Grade 11s & 12s need to know…. • Working life is regulated by law: • The Constitution, • The Labour Relations Act • The Basic Conditions of Employment Act • The Employment Equity Act • The Skills Development Act • The Black Economic Empowerment Act • Occupational Health and Safety Act

  14. Grade 11s & 12s need to know…. • Workplace Control: • Work is not a democracy. • Every aspect of your working day is tightly controlled. • The company dictates the manner in which the law will be exercised. • Leave, sickness, babies, death, termination of employment, toilet and smoking breaks, when, where, why and how you will work – everything is controlled

  15. Grade 11s & 12s need to know…. • The right to work • Not be discriminated against… unless its fair • The right to strike • The right to be treated fairly • The right to not be unfairly dismissed. • The right to strike • The right to join a trade union. • Paid for work • And to dignity and respect • And to freedom of expression • And to not be harassed

  16. Grade 11s & 12s need to know…. • Benefits: • Leave for only 21 days a year (including weekends). • 3 days family responsibility leave. • 30 days sick leave over three years. • 4 months UNPAID maternity leave. • No honeymoon and marriage leave. • Annual increases, bonuses and promotions: Optional • 3 days Paternity leave. • Adoption leave: Optional • Medical aid and retirement funding: Optional • Expense accounts, car allowances: optional. • Pleasant working environment: optional. • Maximum working hours: 45 per week, 9 hours a day. • Compulsory rest times. • Duvet days: No.

  17. Grade 11s & 12s need to know…. Since January the game has changed. Our learners are going to have to learn to adapt to play the game Until the game changes again. AND IT DOES!! EVERY YEAR, EVERY DAY. SO,BE AWAKE, AWARE AND HARDWORKING!

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