energy ecology and planetary engineering n.
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Energy Ecology and Planetary Engineering PowerPoint Presentation
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Energy Ecology and Planetary Engineering

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Energy Ecology and Planetary Engineering

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Energy Ecology and Planetary Engineering

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  1. Energy Ecology and Planetary Engineering

  2. Energy: Replace fossil fuels, start now. Ecology: The Disassembly Principle: Everything returns to technological or biological cycles. Planetary Engineering: World treaty organization to govern molecular manufacturing. The Big Picture

  3. Current and emerging nanotech can provide solar energy and storage for most uses competitive with fossil fuels, so let’s get on with it. MM will multiply that effectiveness. • This will solve: many political problems by eliminating dependence on unstable regions, disempowering dictators, and alleviating many atmospheric problems incl. toxic particulates and gases, and CO2 • It is not so difficult. We only have to get the price down, and that is happening now. Energy: Replace Fossil Fuels by Making Solar Competitive

  4. Start talking about effectiveness instead of just efficiency. Regulatory agencies focus on waste reduction when nature is the worst waster but seems to survive. e.g. volcanos, trees. Technological example: solar paint. • New rule: The Disassembly Principle. Everything returns to definable cycles. Biodegrade it, oxidize it cleanly, or deconstruct the product to base materials for reuse. • It’s feasible for MM. If we’re smart enough to build desktop factories we can design each product to be deconstructed. Ecology:The Disassembly Principle

  5. Local and national management of the ecology will be rendered impracticable by desalinization, massive material use, exponential wealth increases, and terraforming that cut across local and national borders. • Current IP and regulatory regimes are breaking down and suffocating innovation so must be replaced. • The big questions: Who can effectively manage MM and who owns the MM platforms? The big answers: 1) AI-assisted management 2) The world treaty organization owns and licenses the platforms. Planetary Engineering: Management by World Treaty Organization