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Ivf-infertility Treatment in India

Ivf treatment is for the childless couples. Deepam Meditours offer low cost IVF or Infertility treatment with highest IVF success rate in India.<br>

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Ivf-infertility Treatment in India

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  1. IVF Treatment India DeepamMeditours Medical Assistance Tourism Company info@deepammeditours.com | +91-9810085065 | www.deepammeditours.com

  2. What is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)? In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is the procedure in which union occurs in a laboratory after egg and sperm have been collected. The cycle begins with drug treatment designed to control ovulation. One common method is to take five days to shut down the ovaries, followed by ten days of injections of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) designed to spur the production of multiple eggs. info@deepammeditours.com | +91-9810085065 | www.deepammeditours.com

  3. The common Causes of Infertility • Female Causes • Ovulation Disorders-PCOS, hypothalamic –pituitary cause, premature menopause. • Fallopian tubal blockage • Uterine or Cervical causes- fibroids, adenomyosis • Endometriosis • Unexplained Infertility info@deepammeditours.com | +91-9810085065 | www.deepammeditours.com

  4. Cont…. • Male Causes • Sperm production problems- ranging from production of no sperms to low no of sperms. • Blockage of sperm transport- obstructive azoospermia • Sperm Antibodies • Sexual problems-erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction. • Hormonal Problems – lack of hormones coming from brain , intake of anabolic steroids. info@deepammeditours.com | +91-9810085065 | www.deepammeditours.com

  5. Candidate for IVF Treatment IVF is the most successful fertility treatment with very good IVF success rates, the common indications for IVF are: Fallopian Tube Damage/Tubal Factor Male Factor Infertility Endometriosis Age Related Infertility Anovulation Unexplained Infertility info@deepammeditours.com | +91-9810085065 | www.deepammeditours.com

  6. Benefits of IVF Treatment • IVF has benefited those couples who are unable to attain parenthood even after several medical aides. • Anyone can have a baby • It increases chances of conception • It can help single women and same-sex couples • It can be used to screen for inherited disease info@deepammeditours.com | +91-9810085065 | www.deepammeditours.com

  7. In Vitro Fertilization Process info@deepammeditours.com | +91-9810085065 | www.deepammeditours.com

  8. About DeepamMeditours DeepamMeditoursis one of foremost Medical Tourism Company in India. We are partners with Best Doctors & Top Hospitals in India. Our aim - hassle free travel to India for Medical Treatment. “DeepamMeditoursyour best Friend for Medical Assistance in India.” info@deepammeditours.com | +91-9810085065 | www.deepammeditours.com

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