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The republic of Infinita virtus PowerPoint Presentation
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The republic of Infinita virtus

The republic of Infinita virtus

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The republic of Infinita virtus

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  1. The republic of Infinitavirtus (PatriaeInfinitaVirtus) By: Gloria, Payton, Marston, Jeff

  2. Infinitavirtus: Who we are Infinitavirtusis the smallest of four countries that make up our continent. We should be a part of the League of Nations; in fact, we should be the leaders! Our country is the only country with a harbour for deep shipping, and our people are very educated. However, we are in need of natural resources and trading alliances to import food and export knowledge and skills.

  3. Our flag The three colours on our national flag are blue, black and yellow. Blue stands for wisdom, skill, and knowledge, black stands for power, and power comes with knowledge, and yellow stands for joy and happiness. We also have a scroll, as a symbol of intellegence.

  4. Life expectancy

  5. Infant mortality rate

  6. National languages Our two national languages are English and Latin. When the country Latios invaded InfinitaVirtus, Latin slowly made itself into our culture. When Latios left us and invaded Franco Anglius, a French-English country, many habitants immigrated to InfinitaVirtus, which producted in the speaking of French in InfinitaVirtus. The francophones have currently put in a request to make French a national language of InfinitaVirtus.

  7. Currency Since nearly 73% of our population speaks English, our currency is dollars and cents. We used plastic and metals for our bills and coins. When InfinitaVirtus was nothingness, the anglophones of Franco Anglius found our land and started a colony. Therefore, InfinitaVirtus has many English customs, and uses the language and currency. Over the years, our currency has envolved and now includes some Latin writingand the coins are in form of hexagons.

  8. Education Education very highly valued in InfinitaVirtus, and we offer free studies up to graduate level in university, and to deserving students, even post doctoral studies are available. To immigrants, or refugees, (non-citizens) we offer up to post-graduate level of studies, and many scholarships are available to all habitants of InfinitaVirtus.

  9. statistics

  10. Government The current government in InfinitaVirtus is Republic, but it has gone through a wide variety of different governments. In the beginning , when the first settlers came to InfinitaVirtus, the government was monarchy, but soon after, the French invaded and left, and the government was an anarchy. Darius Stafford III led the new government: a dictatorship, but then Draven Iffit overthrew him and established the current government: a republic. Finnegan Iffit is the current president, son of Draven and voted in almost unanimously.

  11. Issues: what we can give and what we need • We are overpopulated; our population is 34, 764,980 (55% M, 45 % F) • We need food and trading alliances • We have harbours • We have high standard of living • We offer high education • We offer skills; people with skills and to teach skills • We have enough intelligence to run the League

  12. Thank you