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WELCOME To the FUTURE NOW!!. Why yesterday ’ s technology won ’ t work Today!.

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  2. Why yesterday’s technology won’t work Today! • The principle problem with an infestation is that in addition to having adult bed bugs in the infested area, their eggs are under the carpeting and you have eggs, and adults in the wall and floor voids between rooms. 

  3. Most Pest Control Companies Are Not Equipped To Solve The Problem And Provide Prevention!!!!

  4. You must use a pesticide that has a Residual !– • Mississippi Dept of Health.

  5. So, now we have decided to use the new VA – 88 and Glow Guard Pest Elimination System with; Residulen It gives us instant knock Down and 1 year residual And it is 100% non toxic. IS this what we have been waiting for all these years?

  6. There is only one problem?? How do we use it???

  7. Applied Science Labs And Clove71 & Associates Services, LLC 682-554-6575 Presents

  8. VA 88 – Glow Guard Protocol Instruction Manual

  9. Determining the Degree of Infestation: • Stage 1: No visible signs of infestation. Use Glow Guard, this treatment is intended as preventative. Carefully follow each step of this Protocol. • Stage 2: Visible signs of infestation are present. Markings appear along the seams of mattresses. Eggs are visible under blue 350 nm light. Use VA 88, Bed Bugs are hidden and are not seen. This treatment is intended to eliminate current infestation and prevent a future re-infestation. Carefully follow each step of this Protocol.

  10. Stage 3: An extreme infestation!! • Stage 2 Signs of infestation are present and because the natural hidden habitats are over crowdedadult bed bugs are visible. They may be seen crawling on walls and across floors. Carefully follow this Protocol for the target area and make a similar treatment of adjacent areas. Adjacent areas might mean rooms on each side and above and below the primary target area. This Protocol must be repeated in 3 days. Do not allow the treated areas to be re-occupied until the second application has been completed and the room re-inspected.

  11. Preparing the Target Area • 1. Remove all debris from; • floors, • closets, • drawers, • shelves, • medicine cabinets and any other enclosed areas. • Vacuum Everything.* Vacuum bag and debris should be placed in air tight plastic bags and sealed and placed in trash. • Be careful that the sealed bags are not punctured as apunctured bag may cause infestation to spread.

  12. Bed Bug Treatment Kit • Plastic trash bags large with ties • Vacuum, industrial grade • Blue Light 350 nm • Distilled Water • New 1 gal Sprayer, dedicated • Tools • Screw drivers both phillips & std • Pliers & sml cresent, razor knife • Paper towels • Vinyl gloves – Eye protection • VA- 88 or Glow Guard

  13. Move all furnishings away from all walls by a space large enough to give you access. • Remove all drawers from all furniture having drawers and place drawers on end so that the inside and underside of all drawers are exposed and may be sprayed. • Remove all cushions and pillows from all chairs and couches. Place on the floor area so that they may be vacuumed & sprayed.

  14. Close all drapes so that all surface areas are exposed and they may be sprayed. • Do not forget any, pictures, wall hangings, and any other fixture abutting or attached to any wall, and use a “fan spray”, be careful of runoff. Remove Head Boards and treat. • Open electrical outlets and switch boxes for very bad infestations only.

  15. Only for Severe Infestations !

  16. Remove all bedding and pillow cases from all beds carefully placing them in plastic bags and launder. Seal and dispose of the plastic bags. Replace after treatment has been completed. • Separate the box springs from the mattress so that the entire bed frame, its railings and wheel support assemblies are exposed vacuum and treat.

  17. Fans and forced air units should be off while spraying. • Any flower arrangements or other décor items should be disassembled and all parts exposed. • DO NOT remove any of the furnishings or décor items from the target area as this may spread the infestation.

  18. Carts & Mobile Devices • When doing a full treatment be sure to also consider treating; • Carts of all kinds • Vacum cleaners • Any items that are taken from • room to room

  19. Treating the Target Area:

  20. Because VA 88is nontoxic, you need no special breathing apparatus though it is recommended that latex or rubber gloves be worn. • Should you come in contact with VA 88it may be rinsed off with ordinary tap water.

  21. . Mix Bag Contents Vigorously Then pour the VA 88into a newdedicated spray apparatus. Refill the container (Bag) with distilled water, rinsing any remaining content and add this to the VA 88already poured into your sprayer. Follow dilution instructions carefully adding water to the total amount of liquid as prescribed. Do Not further dilute.

  22. . Be sure that the spray apparatus • does not include a filter which may be included in its tank or handle, remove if found, • be sure that the apparatus has both a “fan” and a “stream” or “pin stream” spray setting and • be sure to shake the mixture vigorously before beginning to spray. As you proceed, re-shake the container every 10 to 15 minutes. If the container is set to rest, re-shake before resuming spraying. If diffusion becomes difficult or impaired, you may need to remove the nozzle and rinse it with tap water. Failure to keep the nozzle clean will impede an even distribution or may cause the fan spray not to work at all.

  23. Spray should be applied with nozzle approximately 30 inches from surface areas when treating furnishings. Cover about 3 to 4 feet of area per second. Do NOT overlap. Using more will cause the particulates to clump when they dry and bed bugs will travel around them. You may begin by using the “stream” or sometimes called the “pin stream” spray setting first by spraying all Wooden, base boards beginning in the farthest corner of the room.

  24. Correct

  25. Porous Carriers

  26. UV Markers

  27. Attention • If you get overspray on a dark surface, you will notice a white film when it dries. • Simply wipe it off with a soft cloth and shake onto the floor. • Do not vacuum for 24 hours • Do not shampoo for 2 - 3 days • Return the room or house to service • when all is dry to the touch

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