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CGS2100 Lab PowerPoint Presentation
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CGS2100 Lab

CGS2100 Lab

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CGS2100 Lab

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  1. CGS2100 Lab

  2. Today’s Topic Setup your homepage in Pegasus account

  3. Step 1: Using Putty • You may find it on lab PCs’ desktop, an icon named “putty”. • Login to using an SSH (Secure Shell) client like putty.

  4. Step 2: Connect to Pegasus using PUTTY Enter here Choose SSH protocol here

  5. Login username: NIDPassword: the SAME as your Pegasus email password Password is invisible here. (No stars or dots)

  6. Prepare Your Public_HTML Folder Once you get into your Pegasus account, type homepagesetup at the prompt. This will do several things to make your account ready to receive html pages that can be viewed by anyone. It will... • create a public_html folder that will store all web pages and images you want people to be able to access • set permissions for this folder so that anyone can view the contents of the folder, but only you can save files to this folder • insert a dummy web page called home.html in the new public_html folder that you can use as a sample

  7. 1. Enter homepagesetup command 2. Then you are all set!

  8. Your “dummy” webpage Access the dummy page at This is your homepage address

  9. Publish to Your Pegasus Web Space • Publishing a web page means uploading web pages and any associated files (images, audio, etc.) to a web server so that other people can view the pages by typing in the their URL in a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).

  10. Get files from website • Images • View source

  11. Upload files to your webspace • In the address bar of your browser, type: and Input your NID and password. NID here

  12. Upload files to your webspace 2. This will open up access to your account. You should see a mail folder and the public_html folder. Enter public_html folder Double click this one

  13. Upload files to your webspace 3.To publish, select and drag the files from your computer to the public_html folder on your Pegasus account. The new picture I just published

  14. Upload files to your webspace 4. While viewing the contents of your public_html folder, delete the home.html page that was created automatically when you typed homepagesetup. Delete this file

  15. Upload files to your webspace 5. After you drag the appropriate files into the public_html folder on your Pegasus server, you can view those pages by entering the URL from any Internet connected computer.The URL is extension name)

  16. Assignment • Assignment 1. • You must use yourPegasus account to submit this assignment. • Due by 11:59:59pm on January 28 • You are responsible for saving all copies of your sent mail.