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Midterm Test Review

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Midterm Test Review

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Midterm Test Review

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  1. Midterm Test Review U.S. History

  2. Module I

  3. SSUSH1 U.S. History

  4. Colonial Standards A group of investors share risks & profits to settle colonies in the new world Joint Stock Company

  5. Colonial Standards Joint Stock Company that founded first permanent English colony Virginia Company

  6. Colonial Standards First permanent English settlement in the new world Jamestown

  7. Colonial Standards Brown Gold; Cash crop that helped Jamestown survive and become wealthy Tobacco

  8. Colonial Standards Native American chief that lived near Jamestown that was initially peaceful but relationship with colonist worsened Powhatan

  9. Colonial Standards First representative government in the colonies House of Burgesses

  10. Colonial Standards Class conflict between frontier farmers and landed class in Virginia that resulted in a small scale war Bacon’s Rebellion

  11. Colonial Standards Used by colonies in the South as a labor source due to the increase of labor intensive tobacco cultivation Slavery

  12. Colonial Standards War in New England that resulted in a permanent defeat and removal of Native Americans from Massachusetts King Phillip’s War

  13. Colonial Standards Example of direct democracy and government by the people in New England Town Meetings

  14. Colonial Standards Banished from Massachusetts for religious beliefs and settled a colony based on separation of church & state Roger Williams

  15. Colonial Standards Colony established by Roger Williams that exercised religious tolerance and paying natives for their land Rhode Island

  16. Colonial Standards Puritans used this to increase the membership of their church by allowing non-voting members that did not have a Conversion experience Half-Way Covenant

  17. Colonial Standards Series of court hearings over 150 Massachusetts colonists accused of witchcraft were tried: 29 convicted – 19 hanged Salem witch Trials

  18. Colonial Standards British king cancelled this because this colony refused to obey Navigation Acts and argued it was a independent Corporate Colony Massachusetts Charter

  19. Colonial Standards Originally New York was known by this name New Amsterdam

  20. Colonial Standards The land currently known as New York was owned by Dutch

  21. Colonial Standards Colony established by Quakers escaping religious persecution in England Pennsylvania

  22. Colonial Standards Founder of Pennsylvania William Penn

  23. Colonial Standards Colony established by Catholics escaping religious persecution in England Maryland

  24. Colonial Standards Founder of Maryland Lord Cecilius Calvert

  25. Colonial Standards Region of the colonies that was more commercial, industrial, and trade based in its economy Northern Colonies

  26. Colonial Standards Region of the colonies that was more agricultural, farming, and slave based in its economy Southern Colonies

  27. Colonial Standards Reason the French settled Quebec Fur Trade

  28. Colonial Standards Convinced many in the colonies that the Articles were too weak and needed to be changed Shay’s Rebellion

  29. Colonial Standards Meeting held in Philadelphia Pennsylvania that eventually ended in the creation of a new U.S. system of government. Constitutional Convention

  30. SSUSH2 U.S. History

  31. Colonial Standards Economic Theory that the best way to become a stronger nation was to acquire the most wealth. Mercantilism

  32. Colonial Standards Under Mercantilism this was a favorable balance of trade Exports greater than Imports

  33. Colonial Standards Under Mercantilism, Great Britain wanted this from the Colonies Natural Resources

  34. Colonial Standards Under Mercantilism, Great Britain passed these to control Colonial goods and trade Navigation Acts

  35. Colonial Standards Under the Navigation Acts, all goods heading to or from the colonies had to be transported this way British Ships

  36. Colonial Standards Under the Navigation Acts, all goods heading to or from the colonies had to be transported here British Ports

  37. Colonial Standards British restrictions on colonial trade were designed to keep the colonies from Competing against Britain in trade

  38. Colonial Standards This concept refers to the route of trade between the colonies and Europe Transatlantic Trade

  39. Colonial Standards This journey in the transatlantic trade carried slaves to North America Middle Passage

  40. Colonial Standards Example of social mobility and individualism in the American Colonies Benjamin Franklin

  41. Colonial Standards Christian worship that preached that Americans needed to turn away from the corruption of English society and separate from Great Britain Great Awakening

  42. SSUSH3 U.S. History

  43. Colonial Standards War between Great Britain and France over territory in North America in 1754 French & Indian War

  44. Colonial Standards This officially ended the French & Indian War Treaty of Paris 1763

  45. Colonial Standards At the end of the French & Indian War, Great Britain changed many of its policies in America because of this Debt

  46. Colonial Standards First direct tax on the colonist by Britain in an attempt to pay the war debt Stamp Act

  47. Colonial Standards Colonial slogan used to express why they believed they should not have to pay taxes “No Taxation without Representation”

  48. Colonial Standards American colonist responded to the Stamp Act using this strategy and made Britain repeal the act. Boycott

  49. Colonial Standards Attempt by King George III to keep colonist from crossing Appalachian Mountains Proclamation of 1763

  50. Colonial Standards Reason King George III Issued the Proclamation of 1763 Keep down conflict with Native Americans