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My Stories

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My Stories

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  1. My Stories By 1cholate5

  2. Stories Posted • A Dream Come True • The Rumor Heard Around the World • Gym Blackout • The Chemical Experiment • Carni-great • Batter Blackout • Trick-or –Scare • The No Teacher Award • Get Out of Tech Free Card • So The Curse Begins

  3. Stories to be Posted • School Away From School

  4. Character Breakdown (kids) • A Dream Come True- Rose, Cody • The Rumor Heard Around the World- Nicky, Abby, Rose and Marissa • Gym Blackout- Rose, Laura, Olivia • The Chemical Experiment- Rose, Julie, Alison (Ali) • Carni-great- Chad, Missy, Lexi, Rose, Cody • Batter Blackout- Rose, Nicky, Anthony, Alex, Cindy, Rachel, Zack, Chrissie • Trick-or-scare- Chrissie, Shannon, Rose, • The No Teacher Award- Amanda, Kayla, Bryan, Rose, Cody • Out of Tech Free Card- Becca, Lizzie, Tyler, Rose, Cody • So The Curse Begins- Karina, Rose, Cody • School Away From School- Sara, Chris

  5. Teachers Involved • A Dream Come True- Mr. Regan • The Rumor Heard Around the World- Miss. Shea • Gym Blackout- Mrs. Hanson • The Chemical Experiment- Mr. Megaro • Carni-great- none (unless u count lunch monitors) • Batter Blackout-Mrs.Regario • Trick-or-Scare- Mrs. McNoel • The No Teacher Award- Mrs. Harpson • Get Out of Tech Free Card- Mr. Pebble • So the Curse Begins- Mrs. Lara • School Away From School- Mr. Regan

  6. Series Cover

  7. Release Dates • A Dream Come True- Released • The Rumor Heard Around the World- Released • Gym Blackout- Released • The Chemical Experiment- Released • Carni-great- Released • Batter Blackout- Released • Trick-or-scare- Released • The No Teacher Award- Released • Get Out of Tech Free Card- Released • So the Curse Begins- Released • School Away From School – Coming Soon

  8. A Dream Come True Rose and Cody are the only kids on the red team. Their Principal thinks they can handle a day on their own but will someone stop them from finishing their day?

  9. The Rumor Heard Around the World 10 minutes with out a teacher, with a mystery 30 minutes to come. Just imagine the rumors. What about a competition for some prizes? How does that sound? Well that’s what Nicky is going through in English class.

  10. Gym Blackout Is a reminder of a past blackout reborn? What if the lights go out during gym, and your in class about to make history. Olivia is scared to walk to gym class afraid of this very reason. How will class turn out for her good or bad.

  11. The Chemical Experiment Messy or Deadly? A chemical experiment gone wrong what will happen to all of the kids in the room and the teachers mistake. Julie is one of those kids who may not be around to tell their story.

  12. Carni-great • Missy is willing to go really far for the one she loves. Blinded her crush takes her away from school to a carnival is it worth the trouble?

  13. Batter Blackout • Rachel is busy making muffins in her career skills classroom when the lights go out and all the batter is gone. Who done it? How do you figure this out when the clues don’t all work out the way you think?

  14. Trick-or-Scare • Halloween school day. In Chrissie’s Social Studies will a ghost story be proven true? Will the tale haunt the rest of the students for the rest of their lives?

  15. The No Teacher Award • Amanda and her class is left with out a teacher for a whole period. But a month later they all get recognized for it? How did that happen?

  16. Get Out of Tech Free Card • Tech class is going fine for Becca until all of the computers crash. No work today or will their be?

  17. So the Curse Begins • Catherine becomes ‘cursed’ will it live on when it continues to appear in her life? Rose has to deal with the same thing. How will these girls reverse their curse?

  18. School Away From School • Sara witnessed her best friend Rose do the impossible. Will she be the next victim only off the school grounds?

  19. That is what you will find in my series… THE MOST MEMORABLE TIMES AT MIDDLE SCHOOL! All the stories belong to me 1cholate5 a.k.a. J.A.S. Check out my YouTube channel (1cholate5) to find out more about when my stories are released and check back at the site ( for the actual stories!