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IT Consultant Firms - j2 solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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IT Consultant Firms - j2 solutions

IT Consultant Firms - j2 solutions

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IT Consultant Firms - j2 solutions

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  1. IT Consultant Firms Welcome to J2 Solutions

  2. Meet one of the top IT consultant firms here! J2 Solutions has developed Flexology for your organizational development, where we have the ability to customize the process and ensure the success of your project. Get to know all the benefits of our Flexology Approach here!


  4. IT Staffing When you work with J2 Solutions for IT staffing, you will be assigned a dedicated team of talent management experts. We will design a winning search and recruiting strategy based upon your unique requirements. Our thorough 4-step evaluation process helps our clients build winning IT teams and augment existing internal teams with top performers who produce significant results.

  5. Our Process 1. Needs Analysis: The first step is to perform a detailed analysis of your requirements and objectives. From this analysis, we create a job summary that clearly defines the specific skills, experience levels and other credentials critical to meet your needs. 2. Target Search Plan: We combine our deep industry knowledge, extensive network of relationships and proven processes to create and implement a unique and targeted search plan. This plan is designed to clearly outline the specific actions and resources required to ensure the right match between a candidate and a particular requirement.

  6. 3. Candidate Selection: As your partner, we perform an objective strength and weakness evaluation on each candidate to eliminate the guesswork and create the required level of confidence that will guide everyone through final selection. This ensures a right fit for all parties. We also manage all financial negotiations to create a stress free environment for everyone. 4. High-Performance Development: Our comprehensive post-placement follow-up process maximizes performance, delivers immediate results and sets the foundation for a long-term sustainable relationship as the company grows. We have structured conversations with you and your new hire on regular intervals to provide critical feedback, ensure total satisfaction, and establish an environment of trust, communication, and high performance.

  7. THANKYOU J2-solutions 484-362-1390

  8. For more information Visit: