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Simply Connected, Simply Secured. PowerPoint Presentation
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Simply Connected, Simply Secured.

Simply Connected, Simply Secured.

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Simply Connected, Simply Secured.

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  1. Simply Connected, Simply Secured. Policy Based Access in Any Network Consulting Systems Engineer Mike Ruiz

  2. Agenda What do we all really want? Why should it matter to everyone? What is policy based networking? What is Device Onboarding? Enabling access without compromises

  3. What do we really want? A simple way to connect devices that is secure and grants access to what we need access to. The ability to properly configure the security on devices without pages of instructions or having to touch every device. Consistency across all networks wired or wireless Support for as many device types as possible Integration with whatever switches, routers, firewalls, IDS solutions we’ve already installed

  4. Why do Policy and Onboarding matter? Network access and Internet access can increase satisfaction and performance. Differentiated service for different types of users and devices. For a wide range of reasons, many networks aren’t secured or aren’t secured well. You don’t want your identity stolen. You don’t want your network or company to be responsible for data loss. Should anything happen you want to be able to easily access logs, forensics, etc.

  5. What is policy based networking? Networks Devices OS X • Users • Contractor • Doctor • Employee • Guest • Locations • Auditoriums • Classrooms • Emergency Rooms • Hotel rooms • Offices • Student • Teacher Wired Wireless

  6. What is policy based networking?

  7. A Look at Device Onboarding Hands Off Hands On Automated Identity Management Higher Integrated IdM WLAN Solution 3rd Party IdM IT Home-grown Onboarding Trend Towards Automation Benefits IT Manual Onboarding Online Help Lower Do Nothing Scale (# of users helped) Lower Higher

  8. Teaming up Policy and Onboarding Onboarding Video PUBLIC VLAN Internet Only Internet Parents/Guests Out of Band Access Point Meru Controller Username: student1 IP Address: Login Time: 11:30 Logout Time: 12:15 Meru IDM STUDENT VLAN Access to Apps by Policy Students Stoneware RADIUS Active Directory

  9. Your data, your way User Data Wired Switch User Data Access Point Internet Out of Band Identity Management RADIUS PMS Intranet Servers Students Students

  10. Seamless Security Integration Internet Username: guestname IP Address: Login Time: 11:30 Logout Time: 12:15 11:37 accessed 11:38 usedthe bittorrent protocol 12:09 connected to

  11. Authenticate, Authorize and Audit Open Policy Based Access and Device Onboarding in one package AllNetworks AllDevices Meru NetworksIDENTITY MANAGER OS X • AllUsers • Contractor • Doctor • Employee • Guest • AllLocations • Auditoriums • Classrooms • Emergency Rooms • Hotel rooms • Offices • Student • Teacher Wired Wireless

  12. Thank You! Mike Ruiz – – 585-545-0995