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5 Steps To Start Your First WordPress Blog PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Steps To Start Your First WordPress Blog

5 Steps To Start Your First WordPress Blog

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5 Steps To Start Your First WordPress Blog

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  1. 5 Steps To Start Your First WordPress Blog Do you want to start blogging on WordPress platform? We know that starting a blog can be a terrifying thought specially when you are not aware of coding or drag and drop option. It’s awesome blogging platform for WordPress novices as it’s easy to use and the free version consist of all features that your need to make your blog appearance appealing. In this blog post, I will give you five steps on how to start a WordPress blog. Firstly you need to do is go to and click start and it will help you set up your blog. Step 1. Choose A Homepage Layout First in the way to start WordPress blog, you need to choose a homepage layout for your WordPress free blog. You can select “A list of my latest posts” because this is the most common format for a blog.

  2. Then you can choose “a grid of my latest posts”, if you are a photographer or have really nice photos. For businesses, “a welcome page for my site” or “an online store” is most appropriate. Step 2. Choose A Theme The visual representation of your WordPress blog is controlled by themes. By changing the theme including the colors and pictures, you can customize the look and feel of your blog. It is by far one of the most exciting and rewarding part in the journey of creating your WordPress site. There are verity of pre-made WordPress themes, that you can install on your site. In which, some are free, while others are paid. If you select something similar to what you’re looking for now, it will save you a little time down the road. Otherwise you can hire a Wordpress website design company to design custom WordPress theme according your needs. Step 3. Choose A Domain (Blog Address/Blog Name) Unfortunately, it’s really difficult sometimes, to find a unique and somewhat catchy blog address on because most of them arealreadytaken. Should I need to buy a domain name? Don’t worry – It is required to buy a domain name in order to use their blogging software. What blog name should I pick? I recommend you to keep looking until you find something good, that is relate to your niche. You can take some time off and brainstorm with ideas and names. 4. Pick A Plan

  3. After completion of the basics primary steps above (including your blog name), you need to click on the “Select Free” button. You can go for paid pan, but there is no need to use the paid version since, it’s quite expensive and does not give you many advantages. 5. Creating Your First Blog Post Now you can write your first blog post, click on the Posts » Add New menu in your WordPress dashboard. You will see an editor area on the left side of WordPress dashboard, where you can write your first blog post. After finish your writing, go ahead and click on the Publish button on the right to publish your first blog post to the world. On the posts screen, you will see several other sections such as Categories and Tags. You can use these categories and tags to organize your blog posts. Our San FranciscoWordPress Web design company allows you to manage and control the content and image within your WordPress blogging website or business website, without any lackness of time. So by the using of our flexible system, you can easily add/edit/delete navigation, pages, images etc. You have great flexibility as can create

  4. unlimited number of page with multiple design formats. So there would not be any ongoing cost, if you want to modify your website in anytime, anyway.