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5 Quick And Easy Steps To Create A WordPress Blog PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Quick And Easy Steps To Create A WordPress Blog

5 Quick And Easy Steps To Create A WordPress Blog

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5 Quick And Easy Steps To Create A WordPress Blog

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  2. 6 SIMPLE STEPS TO CREATE A WEBSITE WITH WORDPRESS It will not be incorrect to say that WordPress is the most popular web building platform in the world. The CMS is the force behind 34% of all the websites in the world. The open-source platform has revolutionized the field of world development by empowering nearly everyone to easily build an interface. You do not need to be a programmer or possess high levels of technical knowledge to create a website with WordPress. Here we are presenting you with a simple guide to build a interface with the popular development solution. Using this procedure, you can quickly create a website without any hassle.

  3. PURCHASE DOMAIN NAME AND HOSTING SUBSCRIPTION Before you start the process of website creation, it will be pertinent to pick a name for your interface. In case, the website is going to represent your business, then the term must be the same as that of your enterprise. You can also choose a name that is associated with your industry or profession. Domain names must be short and unique so that people can remember them easily. Once you have identified a suitable phrase, then you will have to register it and buy a hosting subscription. You have the option of ap[proaching different service providers for fulfilling both the requirements. However, there are many hosting companies that provide domain name registration facilities as well.

  4. INSTALL WORDPRESS THROUGH YOUR HOSTING ACCOUNT Whether you are building a new interface or converting a website to WordPress, you will have to first install the CMS on your system. The process can be done easily through your hosting service. As mentioned before, you must choose a company that offers WordPress-centric services. This will be helpful in easing many website building and management tasks. ur account for the first time:

  5. CONFIGURE SOME BASIC SETTINGS We will now configure some basic settings of our website. Go to Settings > General in the dashboard. Provide a title for your interface in the specified field. You will also have to choose a timezone from the dropdown menu in that section. Choose a setting that will be suitable for your target audience.

  6. SELECT AND CUSTOMIZE A THEME In this step of our guide to create a website with WordPress, your interface will finally start taking shape. Every WordPress installation contains a default theme. However, it will be pertinent to replace it with another design. The open-source platform has a vast library of pre-built templates that have been sorted into different categories based on popular industries. You can choose a layout from a specific category or choose a general-purpose theme in case you do not find one for your category. You can search for templates on the official theme directory of the CMS or get one from third-party developers. Visit Appearance > Themes from your dashboard. Then click on Add new and upload the files of the template that you acquired.

  7. INSTALL SOME KEY PLUGINS Plugins allow you to easily extend the functionality of your interface without writing any code. WordPress has a vast collection of free and premium plugins. There are some key tools that you must install on your website. You must activate a security plugin to protect your interface from breaches and hacking attempts. Then there must be a backup plugin that will automatically create a backup of your website at time intervals defined by you. Another handy tool that you must have is Yoast SEO. This plugin will help you enhance the SEO-friendliness of your website.

  8. ADD NEW PAGES TO YOUR WEBSITE The basic pages of your interface will be included in your theme. However, you will want to add some new pages to your website. This can be done by visiting Pages > Add New. Enter a title for your page in the specified section. Click on the Add block icon on top of the screen and choose the content block which you want to include in your page. Hit Publish once you complete the changes. The page will be added to your website.

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