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Managing Serials Chaos

Managing Serials Chaos. Could “INNOPAC + SerialsSolutions” become Serials Solutions?. Bill Tang Serials & E-Resources Librarian. Overview. Why Serials are Unique? Serials Management = Managing Chaos? INNOPAC + SerialsSolutions…Does it work? Paradise or Pandemonium?

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Managing Serials Chaos

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  1. Managing Serials Chaos Could “INNOPAC + SerialsSolutions” become Serials Solutions? Bill Tang Serials & E-Resources Librarian

  2. Overview • Why Serials are Unique? • Serials Management = Managing Chaos? • INNOPAC + SerialsSolutions…Does it work? • Paradise or Pandemonium? • Serials Management Christmas Wish List • Acknowledgement

  3. What are Serials? • Publication issued in successive parts • Usually (though not always) at regular intervals • Intended to be continued indefinitely

  4. Serials are Unique • Packages of Subscription • Constantly Changing (Title, Coverage, URL) • Resource Linking Variety of Formats Fluctuations Rapid Growing Overlap

  5. Variety of Formats • Same Title / Issue: • Print • Microform • Electronic

  6. Fluctuations Publication • Daily • Weekly • Bi-Monthly • Monthly • Quarterly • Half-yearly • Annually • Irregularly • Suddenly • Retention • Three Months • Six Months • One Year • Two Years • Three Years • ‘Ceased’ but still • alive in an archive • And the dreaded‘Delayed Publication’, the ‘undead’ of theSerials World Decrease Increase

  7. Rapid Growing • Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory: • E-Journals increase 139% from 2000 to 2006 • Lingnan E-Journals increase 413% from 2001 to 2006 • Moved from 3,500 print titles to almost 44,000 print and digital titles, in multiple formats, and in multiple databases and with differing coverage

  8. Overlap • Overlap • Full Overlap • Partial Overlap • A journal may be available in different vendor’s / aggregator’s products

  9. Overlap of Title / Issue

  10. Packages of Subscription • Print Only • Print + Free Online for Paid Issues • Print + Free Online with Back Issues to Current • Online Only + Perpetual Access (First Available Issue to date) • Online Only + Perpetual Access for Paid Issues • Consortium

  11. Constantly Changing • 1) Title Added or Dropped • Example: AMERICA'S NETWORK (1075-5292)

  12. Constantly Changing • 2) Coverage / Holdings Example (in ASP): Journal of comparative family studies (0047-2328) 01/01/2002 – Present (Coverage in Aug 2006) 01/03/1992 – Present (Coverage in Nov 2006) • 3) URL Example: ORSA journal on computing (0899-1499) http://search.ebscohost.com/direct.asp?db=aph&jid=%227EE%22&scope=site (URL in Aug 2006) http://search.ebscohost.com/direct.asp?db=aph&jid=%222Q7K%22&scope=site (URL in Nov 2006)

  13. Resources Linking - WebBridge 26,155 titles are available in our coverage database • Linking to article level / journal level not always available

  14. User’s Expectation • Does the library have this journal in print or in digital full-text format? = Remote Access all DigitalFormats = All Back Issues to Current = No Embargo Period

  15. INNOPAC + SerialsSolutions How Does It Work?

  16. INNOPAC at Lingnan • INNOPAC = Integrated Library System • For Managing Serials, we are using: • Millennium Acquisitions • Millennium Serials • Cataloging • Web OPAC • WebBridge: Resources Linking • Web Access Management: Authentication

  17. SerialsSolutions at Lingnan • Access & Management Suite (A.M.S)

  18. SerialsSolutions & Serials Management Life Cycle

  19. INNOPAC + SerialsSolutions in SMLC • INNOPAC + SerialsSolutions = Serials Solutions

  20. Before Subscribing (ACQ) [A] How many titles are available in Business Source Premier?

  21. Before Subscribing (ACQ) [B] What kind of titles are available in Business Source Premier?

  22. Setup a Trial (ACQ) • If we would like to setup a trial of “Business Source Premier” for library user in journal level access…

  23. Setup a Trial (ACQ)

  24. Comparison (ACQ) • If you would like to migrate your subscription from Business Source Elite to Business Source Premier…

  25. Overlap Analysis (ACQ)

  26. Access Points in the EJ Portal (Provide Access)

  27. Access Points in the EJ Portal (Provide Access)

  28. Access Points in the EJ Portal (Provide Access)

  29. Create MARC in the Library Catalogue(Provide Access)

  30. The MARC of DSN Retailing Today

  31. Something is Missing…

  32. Create MARC for Title with ISSN (Provide Access)

  33. Create MARC for Title without ISSN (Provide Access)

  34. MARC Record integrated with E-Journal Portal (Administration) After Integration, Coverage and URLs are managed by SerialsSolutions!

  35. Titles Added and Dropped (Administration) (CHECKER) ( MARC records )

  36. Comparison Results: Add Bib: Add 773 (Database Name): Delete 773 (Database Name): Delete Bib:

  37. Provide Support • For User Services: • A student is looking for some journals in Music, Dance, Drama & Film!

  38. Provide Support

  39. Evaluation • Usage Statistics

  40. Evaluation • Which E-Journal is the most popular!

  41. Before the Cancellation (Evaluation) • Compare with Entire Library Serials Collection…

  42. Before the Cancellation (Evaluation)

  43. Cancellation (Evaluation) • Remove Access Points: Library Catalogue (INNOPAC) E-Journal Portal (SerialsSolutions) Library Patron

  44. Cancellation (Evaluation)

  45. INNOPAC + SerialsSolutions in SMLC • INNOPAC + SerialsSolutions = Serials Solutions

  46. Managing Serials Chaos, Just Like Driving a Racing Car!

  47. To manage Serials Chaos - We need…

  48. Paradise or Pandemonium • Paradise: • Empower librarians to manage their serials collection • Enable users to quickly search and access specific journals and view the entire serials collection • Pandemonium: • Response Time • Spot Check • Communication

  49. SCMP or SCMP (Victoria, HK:1946) Bib Record from LC: Finally…

  50. Our “Christmas Wish List” • More Contents Available • Complete set of Full text Collection • Perpetual Access • No Embargo Period • Lower Subscription Fee • Journal Database • Management Tool • Data Accuracy • Right title • Accurate Holdings Statement and URL • Safe Access • More Resources Sharing • Direct access via entire JULAC network

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