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Turkish Wedding Traditions

Turkish Wedding Traditions. Turkish Wedding Traditions. In Turkey, the traditiona Turkish families form the core of th e Turkish culture.The traditional Turkish wedding which used to last For 40 days and 40 nights now lasts

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Turkish Wedding Traditions

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  1. Turkish Wedding Traditions

  2. Turkish Wedding Traditions In Turkey, the traditionaTurkish families form the core of the Turkishculture.The traditional Turkish wedding which used to last For 40 days and 40nights now lasts for only three days in rural areas. But in cities this ceremony is further shortened. The groom's family sends a variety of presents to the bride's family prior to the three-day long wedding feast. Moreover, the bride is hidden by her friends and the groom's relatives are expected to find her.

  3. The girl's friends are given a small cash gift in return for information about the bride's whereabouts.In the meantime,the elderly of both families make up a list of goods they will buy for the young couple. This list is then authorized by the village alderman and given to the groom's family. In the meantime, the groom's family gives a small tea party. Among the Rumelian Turks, the traditions are deep rooted. The news of ceremony among them is spread by beating drum in the village

  4. . Folk dances are performed and henna rituals also take place. On the third day of the wedding, the outdoor festivities begin and in the afternoon the bridal procession is carried on which first goes to the groom's house. Finally the outdoor festivities begin.

  5. In the region of Anatolia, boys of 18 years and girls of 16 years are considered to be eligible for marriage. Before making any proposals, the family members of the boy visit the girl's family and they take a good look at the girl. According to regional custom, a marriage can not take place unless the family members come to an understanding.

  6. A second visit is then made and the boy's relatives ask for the girl's hand in marriage in the name of God and the Prophet Mohammed. Wedding preparations are started after they come to an agreement. The families exchange gifts.Two marriages are contracted, one civil and the other religious. The religious marriage is held at the girl's home one week before the civil wedding ceremony. The relatives of both sides witness this event. The henna ritual is also held here and drums are played for three days and three nights.

  7. Girl Want Her first home through a woman's mouth is not. Absolutely no news of her mouth in this poll. If her house, she is as willing to give the woman the boy's mother with the car again, go to her house. Among women, the elders of that section is completed by boys and girls to ask for big expenses. And procedures in accordance with "the prophet of Allah with the Kavli" girls are like. During her request, to dünürcü shows himself to coffee. Meanwhile, the daughter of dünür they drain thoroughly. This does not reply immediately to the house she wanted. A little time to think and consult with close relatives like. Her uncle's house, uncle, and refers to the idea of big brother.

  8. In the absence of consent of any of these girls are not. Uncle, brother, uncle and most of the boys agreed to house three people the way his brother, cousin and uncle's path is called a gift.After a while the boys go home again, she gets the answer by. She is, after all, and "Stay" is cut. Except wool and thick boys home, does not interfere in anything. Stay after stopping to eat her dessert. Is now engaged during dessert after.Today, the thick milk taken in the name or title of the money has disappeared. In accordance with the requirements of age girls and boys at home for wedding expenses can be covered by the public.

  9. Engagement Preparations are made for engagement. Home with her boys went to the house with her clothing and jewelry shopping is taken. Are engaged in an entertaining way. Close friends and relatives are invited. Invited to give food and sweets are served. Boys wear under her home and relatives. Engagement after the wedding date is decided. Asks the boy home from her house. Determine whether they are appropriate to the date of her wedding to her house after obtaining the approval process sorar.Onların to be passed.Girls and boys, can not approach each other until the wedding and can not talk to each other. This tradition still continues in our village.Women in the villages on the road or street in front of men when confronted with men and does not. Their hands, waving their arms are not carried out.

  10. On Dowry The dowry is an important cultural district. Starting from a young age, girls they begin to fuck her dowry. Between them, handicrafts, embroidery, lace, kitchen utensils can be counted. Prepared for dowry chests, and shall be kept in cemekan. Every young girl coming of age of marriage makes this preparation. A few days before the wedding, the bride prepared the girls are on display in the house. The persons invited to the wedding (the women) and subject-neighbors came to see the gifts on offer dowry. If you have an item missing from the girl's trousseau is complete. Dowry bride a day before being removed, taking home the boys will be accompanied by drum and horn.

  11. Wedding For the wedding "okuntu called to send the invitations. This is called "path" is also called. Way, more will be sent to relatives and friends. While others will be invited to the wedding invitations are sent is called. Wedding, traditionally the Friday night until Sunday noon. Since the start of the wedding to the wedding of the Turkish flag is pulled One of the friends of the groom during the wedding "best man" is elected. Groomsman, groom guidance. After the wedding, to give advice. Bath and groom will take you to the barber. Best man wedding entertainment guides.Food and drink and shelter needs of the guests, the wedding will be borne by the house. Drum-playing games are accompanied by flutes, the honeymoon is taken.

  12. Henna Night The night before the wedding is one day. Wedding tonight is the night's most colorful and most entertaining. As a coach decorated with henna the night before she is sent home. A group of women by men, to come to the henna henna giderler.Türkü and they accompanied by mania. They have a fun night in the women knead raw meat.Condemnation is kneaded in a bowl. The bride's hands and feet with henna is. There also condemn those who want to burn. Songs are sung during henna.

  13. Bride Take Is the last day of the wedding. This is usually done on Sunday in preparation. The father of the bride to take her daughter handed. If a girl has entered her brother's arm out of the house. The boy from his home and they do demonstrations of joy at that moment. The most dramatic moment of the wedding in her home this time. Come, enter the house while the boys into the hands of oil is a part. This oil is applied to the ceiling when you come into the house. This "grease stick like you, get up" means. Also, daughter, son, while his house along with spoons, nails, knives ... brings such things. The point that the "blessings come down“ means.

  14. Why Bride White Wore • White, since the time of the Romans is considered as the color of celebration. Since that time, the white of the bride prefers. 20. the colors of the beginning of the century has been the symbol of innocence and cleanliness. Today, white, and fun and joy as well as the color of clarity is acceptable.

  15. Wedding Cake Revealed How The Output Cake is a symbol of efficiency and is considered good luck. In ancient times, weddings break bread at the end of the beginning of the bride. Also invited to get their miserable crumbs for good luck. In middle age, making the bride and groom in a small form of bread kissing. 17. century, a French chef, this bread has a better shape and have uncovered the first wedding cake.

  16. Bride Why Bouquet Assigns Capture of the person who threw the bride's bouquet was lucky and soon married her to believe.

  17. Why The Groom Kisses The Bride Used to kiss the bride, the marriage contract has been adopted as a seal. Also a part of the spirit of the groom of the bride, groom or bride to be a part of the soul was believed to have come up this tradition today.

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