north philippines tourism alliance for development npta project concept n.
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North Philippines Tourism Alliance for Development (NPTA) Project Concept PowerPoint Presentation
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North Philippines Tourism Alliance for Development (NPTA) Project Concept

North Philippines Tourism Alliance for Development (NPTA) Project Concept

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North Philippines Tourism Alliance for Development (NPTA) Project Concept

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  1. North Philippines Tourism Alliance for Development(NPTA)Project Concept Ronnie Tiotuico Martin Valera Bles Diwa Pura Molintas

  2. Background • The four regions of the north (e.g. Ilocos, Cagayan Valley, Central Luzon and Cordilleras) are blessed with a myriad of tourism assets, opportunities and potentials • Natural wonders (Mt. Pinatubo) in Central Luzon, beaches and surfing in Ilocos, white-water rafting and caving in Cagayan Valley, terraced mountains in the Cordilleras • Infrastructure facilities: NLex, SCTex, intl. airports, seaports, proposed Northrail, hotels, etc.

  3. Clark Airport as the Hub • DMIA registers more than 20,000 local and foreign passengers each month • Low-cost carriers utilize Clark as their hub to and from Korea, Malaysia (KK and KL), Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Macau • Favoured destinations: Subic, Hundred Islands, Baguio and Cagayan (aside from Manila and Tagaytay) • Presence of Subic Intl Airport and Laoag Intl Airport

  4. Assumptions • The socio-economic development in the north to grow by leaps and bounds before the end of 2010 • Seamless travel to the north and beyond • Clark airport expansion (new terminal) • Entry of more airlines into DMIA • Completion of the Subic Intl Convention Center at 5,000 seat capacity

  5. Mission statement • To pursue the development of the North Phils as a multi-faceted destination • To attract more local and foreign visitors • To generate employment and livelihood opportunities • Strong support from the private sector

  6. Marketing Objectives • Promotion of the North Phils as a single destination • Attract more local and foreign investors • Generate employment and livelihood • Generate revenues for the government • Enhance local trade and industry

  7. Strategies • Establish a marketplace for tourism stakeholders • Provide promotional collateral materials • Showcase the cluster regions in vivid AVP • Sales and investment missions in key intl markets (Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, etc.) • Harness support from private sector • Development of tour packages • Promotion of cuisine and delicacies

  8. Key Programs and Projects • Conduct of North Phils Travel and Tourism Expo • Distribution of collaterals featuring the four regions • Production of AVP for North Phils • Participation in tourism expo in major markets (Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Bangkok)

  9. Key Programs and Projects • Organization of North Phils Tourism Council • Distribution of North Phils tour packages • Conduct of fam trips for local and foreign media • Conduct of annual North Phils Food Festival

  10. THANK YOU!