embroidery a lost art n.
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Embroidery, a lost art? PowerPoint Presentation
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Embroidery, a lost art?

Embroidery, a lost art?

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Embroidery, a lost art?

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  1. Embroidery,a lost art? Doreen Smith Communication 1010-045

  2. Embroidery The History of Embroidery What is it? Stitches Is Embroidery becoming a lost art?

  3. What is embroidery? Ornamentation of fabric with needle work The art of embroidering A piece of embroidered fabric Embellishment with fanciful details

  4. Embroidery, one of the oldest forms of art Stitching was used to tell stories.

  5. Stitches Outline Stitch Satin Stitch Work straight stitches closely together across the shape, as shown. Take care to keep the edge even, and if you are following an outline marked on the fabric, take your stitches to the outside of the line so that the marked line does not show. Make a small stitch, come up beside the previous stitch Repeat with your following stitches, working at a slight diagonal across your line, and keeping to the same side of your stitches.

  6. More Stitches French Knot Lazy Daisy Bring the thread out at the required position, hold the thread down where it emerges with the left thumb and encircle the thread twice with the needle (see A). Still holding the thread firmly with your thumb, twist the needle back to the starting point and insert it close to where the thread first emerged (not in the exact place or it will simply pull back through). Pull the needle through to the back, leaving a small knot on the surface, as shown, or pass on to the position of the next stitch as at B. Bring the thread through at A and, holding the thread down with the thumb, as shown, insert the needle again just a single thread away. Still holding the thread, bring the needle through at B. Pull the thread through gently to form a small loop, then insert the needle at C to form a small tying stitch over the loop.

  7. Hand Embroidery, a lost art? Machine Embroidery Hand Embroidery Easy to do and beautiful Beautiful and hand stitched with love.

  8. Don’t Let Hand Embroidery Become a Lost Art! Embroidery is an art that can be passed down from generation to generation A tradition to share with your children. Heirlooms to be passed on after loved ones are gone.