which country wears this n.
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Which country wears this? PowerPoint Presentation
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Which country wears this?

Which country wears this?

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Which country wears this?

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  1. Shay/Lyn/DD Which country wears this? Traditional Costume

  2. Which country wears this???

  3. Russia Netherlands 1. Which country wears this?

  4. SORRY

  5. Dutch people are the tallest in the world, with an average height of 184 cm for men and 170 cm for women. HOLLAND/ NETHERLANDS

  6. Norway Finland 2. Which country wears this?

  7. SORRY

  8. Most of the Finns live in Helsinki, the only city in the country Finland with a tram network and a metro. There are 119,701 more women in Finland than men. 6,832 of the Finns are in prison and 2.790 would still fit in, so do behave in Finland! FINLAND

  9. Wales Germany 3. Which country wears this?

  10. Adolf Hitler was one of the people that was responsible in the creation of the Volkswagen Beetle. Germany

  11. SORRY

  12. Switzerland France 4. Which country wears this?

  13. SORRY

  14. The Languedoc-Rousillon city of Nîmes is the birthplace of jeans. The distinctive fabric was imported to California by Levi Strauss in order to make tough work trousers for gold diggers. Denim is short for “de Nîmes” FRANCE

  15. Wales Sweden 5. Which country wears this?

  16. SORRY

  17. The Prince of Wales is not Welsh, he is in fact the first born Son of the English Monarchy. WALES

  18. Malaysia Myanmar 6. Which country wears this?

  19. SORRY

  20. Burma was officially named Myanmar in 1989 by military dictators who thought Myanmar was more suitable name, because of the diversity of the country. MYANMAR

  21. Austria Italy 7. Which country wears this?

  22. SORRY

  23. Mickey Mouse is known as "Topolino" in Italy. In Italy, Santa Claus is called Babbo Natale. ITALY

  24. Argentina Greece 8. Which country wears this?

  25. SORRY

  26. The first tomato plants were planted in Greece by a Friar Francis in 1818, in the gardens of a Capuchin monastery at the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates (built in 335 B.C.) in Athens. GREECE

  27. Luxembourg Spain 9. Which country wears this?

  28. SORRY

  29. Most Spaniards have dark hair and dark skin.    The word sandwich is translated as “Torta” in Mexico and “bocadillo” in Spain SPAIN

  30. Hungary Norway 10. Which country wears this?

  31. SORRY

  32. The world’s most northerly town is Hammerfest, Norway which has 24 hours of daylight from the end of April to the middle of August. Norway has more daylight than any other country with no real darkness during that time. NORWAY

  33. China Japan 11. Which country wears this?

  34. SORRY

  35. The kite, a Chinese invention, has been praised as the forerunner of the modern airplane. In the pavilion of aircraft of the National Aeronautics and Space Museum in Washington a plaque says, "the earliest aircraft are the kites and missiles of China". The kite is mainly, but not only, a plaything. It has contributed to science and production. The first planes were shaped after the kite. CHINA

  36. India Bangladesh 12. Which country wears this?

  37. SORRY

  38. Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus are studies which originated in India. INDIA