need for speed w ith alcohol n.
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Need For Speed W ith Alcohol. PowerPoint Presentation
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Need For Speed W ith Alcohol.

Need For Speed W ith Alcohol.

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Need For Speed W ith Alcohol.

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  1. NeedForSpeedWith Alcohol. By: Isabella Cadavid, MariaIsabella Buitrago, Maria Paz Gomez, Rosario Alvarez and Laura Franco.

  2. Whydidwechoose the topic. • We motivated ourselves to learn more about the topic because we saw that young people usually drive and drink. And this is one of the most frequent causes that leave to death. • We also focus ourselves in the teenagers. And the principal idea was to make reflections to create conscience among them. In order to make the future better, because they are the future of our society. • We thought that this research project will help not only the young people but everyone that make use of streets. Because the street is of and for everyone.

  3. Whatisthis Project About? • NEED FOR SPEED WITH ALCOHOL is a Project that focuses on Young people that usually drive drunk and at high speeds. • This project consist of several propaganda and graphic aids that will create conscience in the teenagers and decrease the rates of accidents due to alcohol and high speeds. “PROGRESS is imposible without CHANGE, and thosewhodon’tchangetheir MINDS cano’tchange ANYTHING” – Geroge Bernard Shaw

  4. Spread the knowledge we have acquired during the research among Young people. Ensure the welfare of the teenagers and the city. Promote the values and the responsibility that driving takes. Goals

  5. UsedMaterials For making this project more playful and entertaining we made use of some specific materials. • Video: This video will be a propaganda with the propose of showing real experiences and opinions of different point of views and professional • Blog: Here we will upload several information about the members of the team and important information of the project. Here we will also collect all the other materials like the video, the banner…

  6. ThankyouforwatchingFor more