closing the sale n.
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Closing the sale

Closing the sale

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Closing the sale

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  1. Closing the sale Section: Advanced Agribusiness Units: Sales Lesson Title: Closing the Sale

  2. What is closing a sale? • It is one of the final steps in the selling process when the salesperson asks the customer if he or she is ready to buy. • You should close the sale when the customer is highly interested in product.

  3. How do you close a sale? • There are nine different ways to close a sale • Direct Close • Summary Close • Alternative Choice Close • Order Blank Close • Impeding Event Close • Call Back Close • Trial Order Close • Balance Sheet Close

  4. Direct close • A Direct close is when a salesperson asks for the order. • Briefly restate the products benefits. • No nonsense approach. • Bested used when you feel the customer is going to buy the product.

  5. Summary Close • A summary close is when the salesperson summarizes the features, advantages, and benefits of the product. • You must use another type of close to truly close the sale with this type of close.

  6. Alternative Choice Close • The alternative choice close gives the customer a choice of products rather than asking them to buy or not to buy.

  7. Order Blank Close • The order blank close uses an order blank to get more information from the customer on what they want in their product. • This close is used best when the salesperson has a hard time keeping the buyer focused on the sale.

  8. Impeding Event Close • The impeding event close uses an event to make the consumer buy. • These events include change in shipping rates, price increase, or a shortage of the product. • The event must be based on truth or the buyer – salesperson relationship is harmed.

  9. Call Back Close • The call back close is used with large sales. This close allows the consumer time to get additional information, think about their decision, or work out credit issues. • This close requires that the salesperson returns to finish the sale.

  10. Trial Order Close • The trial order close is used when you want a customer to try out a product to close the sale. • This is the easiest close but some products cannot be used and returned such as fertilizer, seed, etc.

  11. Balance Sheet Close • The balance sheet close requires that the salesperson creates a list of pros for buying the product and the customer creates a list of cons for not buying the product. • Another method of closing is also required for this closing.

  12. Why is closing a sale important? • Closing the sale is the most important part of the sales process because it is the reason people sale. If you don’t get someone to buy your product there is no reason to sell it.