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Closing the sale

Closing the sale

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Closing the sale

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  1. Closing the sale 1

  2. How often do all of us close sales every day? • Children – • Its not “What do you want for breakfast ?” • Its “Sweetheart which would you like wheat bics or toast ?” • Husbands and wives Why are you here? To create a select group of prestige clients that we have an on going relationship with. 2

  3. How do we maximise each client’s potential? Zig Ziglar says: If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want. HOW do we do this? Zig also says that: people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care! Glenda talks about getting yourself ready before going to the customer so as you feel confident and so when you get to your client you are thinking about her not if your lipstick is on properly 3

  4. The Steps on HOW do we do this • 1: Start the close before you see your client, for yourself with some, affirmations • eg “I expect results because I can help people look and feel great.” • Believe in yourself so that people can believe in you! • 2: Ask lots of questions • The questionnaire is so that you know what they want. This maybe done on the day or preferably prior to meeting with the client so you can have your packages made up. • Keeping in mind as you go on, you are there to fill the need that you have identified when asking the questions. If you did the questionnaire prior to getting together, (over the phone) make sure that you reconfirm what they want 4

  5. Confirmation or Alternative closes Are used to: reaffirm in the clients mind what they want, so that they are telling you what they want, not you telling them what you want them to have. • Emotional desire is “Anti-Ageing Time Defiance will reduce wrinkles and fine lines by 50% over 90 days.” • Confirmation • “You mentioned that this appeals to you when we were talking before.”STOP BE QUIET! • “I’m sure we all like the sound of that don’t we.” • “That would feel good wouldn’t It ?” • Close maybe • “We have a special this month on (package).” • “So will you be paying cash or charge?” 5

  6. The Steps on HOW do we do this (Continued) • 3. Third Party; Never refer to I, Me, Mine always refer to a third party. • E.g. We have customers that have had visible difference in 3 days, • (1 step forward) How would you like that? • (2 steps back) That’s not for everybodyLets see how fast it works for you! • Remember maximum results after constant use 90 days 6

  7. The Steps on HOW do we do this (Continued) • 4. Body Language; is important to watch • YOURS: Should be confident, honest and positive. • Eg; Nodding your head “yes” • Stand or sit up straight • Hold and handle any products like gold (diamonds) • Mimic their moves • THEIRS: You hope is also positive. • Nodding “yes” • Leaning forward • Smiling • Arms relaxed • Asking about delivery dates • Reaching to touch for the product • Asking about product size • Picking up different packages you have made available • Asking prices • Agreeing to your questions 7

  8. ASK FOR THE SALE ! • Remember when a client gives you a buying signal, stop selling and ask for the sale! • Using either client chart or your package. • The reason for using one of these is the client can see you care because you are writing things down and it gives you the opportunity to start your final close. • “ Will you be paying by cash or cheque?” • “Do you want that delivered on Saturday or Monday night?” • “When you buy any three products this month you receive a free key ring or mirror which one would you like.” 8

  9. The Steps on HOW do we do this (Continued) 5. Build relationships, enjoy yourself and you can’t go wrong. 9

  10. Questions ? 10