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Closing the sale and Effective Communication PowerPoint Presentation
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Closing the sale and Effective Communication

Closing the sale and Effective Communication

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Closing the sale and Effective Communication

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  1. Closing the sale and Effective Communication

  2. What to say first to your prospect • Greet them • Qualify that person • Invite them to do something • Handle any objections or questions • Follow up

  3. Before talking to someone, say silently to yourself, “I’m interested in you!” • If you’re interested in what your prospect needs & wants, then you can help them get what they need and want. • If you think about how much money you will make or if they will become a distributor, then you’re not there and you will say the wrong thing • Focus on them and forget about everything else

  4. Closing Actually starts the moment You start talking to someone. • Ask questions Find out what they need & want out of life! • “Do they have any health concerns?” What are they? • “Ask them if they would like to reduce or eliminate their problems ? • They will usually say “ Yes “ . This is your First close

  5. Ask them if they have ever heard of the Chi Machine or HotHouse? • Explain briefly three things each machine does. • Share a testimonial or two about the Machine that relates to their health concern. • After getting them excited ask them is they would watch a DVD, or listen to a CD, or read some information? • When they say “ yes “ ask them if you can check back with them in 3-5 days? When they say “ Yes “ this will be your 2nd Close.

  6. • Any new person can go to & read about all our Machines or watch the DVD online. • After watching the DVD, the new prospect has only three choices; • They may want to try the machines, buy the machines or they are not interested. • People sometime say “ I can’t convince people to try these machines, SO WHAT! • SWSWSWN

  7. Follow up, follow up & follow up… • Ask them if they watched the DVD? some time, they lie and say they watched it. • Ask them “ What did they think about the hamburger? What did they notice about the fake Chi Machine? • What did they think about the ERE? • Now you know if they watched the complete DVD or not. • Answer any further questions they have and then ask them the best question.

  8. Follow up, follow up & follow up… • Would you like to try these machines in the privacy of you own home with a two week money back guarantee? • This is your 3rd Close • Now be quiet and wait for them to respond.

  9. Follow up, follow up & follow up… • Always know your specials of the month • Promote and sell the 3 musketeer special & SUC package, if they want to build a business.

  10. Follow up, follow up & follow up… • Ask them, how many people do they know who could benefit from our machines. • Would they like to get paid a bonus every time some one else purchases machines? • Would they like to become a distributor to save and earn? • I show them how much they will get back on their own purchase and each additional sale. • This is your 4th close

  11. Follow up, follow up & follow up… • You will usually sell what you demo! How many machines do you demo?

  12. If you want to really be successful in any business , you have to focus on one company. • People will listen to you and follow you, if you have a passion for what you do. • Read books , listen to CD’s & watch DVDs. • If you become a expert in this business , you will have more business then you can handle. Your best investment you will ever make is investing in yourself.

  13. “YES”I am an HTE Distributor Let’s Explore 12 Stages of Yes Written by Delores Mishleau Pearl President Distributor

  14. #1 “I Can’t Do It” • Can’ts are hangovers from the Past • YES, you can!!

  15. Today I begin a new life.I will greet this day with love in my heart.I will persist until I succeed for I am God’s greatest miracle.

  16. I will live this day as if it were my last. Today I will be the master of all my emotions.

  17. I will laugh at the world.Today I will multiply my value a hundred fold.I will act now and pray for guidance.

  18. TODAY I can begin again to LIVE LOVE LEARN

  19. #2 “Anybody but me!” “All the world is a stage and all men are players.” Shakespeare

  20. Shakespeare in 2009“All the world is a stage & almost everyone is a spectator.”

  21. EVERYONE has The Right The Reason The Resources To be a SUCCESS!

  22. #3 “I Should…..” “I should” is the sense of purpose, of mission, but it doesn’t get you anywhere!

  23. #4 “I Would do HTE if…..” If you were guaranteed results, what would you do?

  24. #5 “I would Like to…..” At each level there is much to LEARN LOVE CONTRIBUTE

  25. #6 “Is it Possible?” Imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions. Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.

  26. If you can imagine a life,then you can see it come about.

  27. #7 “But” Excuses, Excuses, Excuses, Shakespeare said, “ There is a tide in the affairs of men which when taken at the flood leads to fortune.”

  28. #8 “Perhaps” • Perspective needs to change • Priorities – are you majoring in the minors? • Program- Choose one that is proven to work

  29. #9 “ I really Want to…” Don’t let shyness rob you of the joy you deserve.

  30. #10 “I’ll Give it a Try” Can you live with ½ a heart?

  31. Can you drive a car in park? #10 “I’ll Give it a Try”

  32. #10 “I’ll Give it a Try” How steps can you make in crossing a chasm?

  33. What moves HTE?Selling Medical Devices?It is YOU!!!

  34. #11 “I’ll Do My Best”

  35. Take a Check Up #1 Monitor Your Vital Signs #2 Make a list of your tools #3 Refocus your best skills

  36. For things to change,YOU will have to change.

  37. #12 “Yes, I’m Committed” I’ll do it, even if it kills me!! Success is their right!!! LIVE YOUR LIFE AS A YES!

  38. Thanks to my family .