brief i ntroduction to p rograms in xmu oec n.
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厦门大学海外教育学院 项目介绍 Brief I ntroduction to P rograms in XMU OEC PowerPoint Presentation
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厦门大学海外教育学院 项目介绍 Brief I ntroduction to P rograms in XMU OEC

厦门大学海外教育学院 项目介绍 Brief I ntroduction to P rograms in XMU OEC

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厦门大学海外教育学院 项目介绍 Brief I ntroduction to P rograms in XMU OEC

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  1. 厦门大学海外教育学院项目介绍Brief Introduction to Programs in XMUOEC 翔安校区图片介绍Xiang’an campus photos 非学历汉语项目Non-degreed Chinese 学历汉语项目Degreed Chinese 远程教育Distance education 申请步骤Application procedures 联系方式Contact information

  2. 非学历汉语项目Non-degreed Chinese programs

  3. 学历汉语项目Degreed Chinese programs

  4. 远程教育Distance education

  5. 申请步骤 procedures 1. 注册账号:访问厦门大学海外教育学院主页,点击右上方的“Login”进入登录界面,然后点击“New account”,以你常用的电子邮件地址作为用户名注册新账号。 New Account: OEC web – Login – New account (email as username) 2. 选择类别:登录系统后,选择你准备参加的学习项目类别(新账号登录后只有一次选择机会,请根据自身条件和要求认真选择)。 Program Type: Login and choose the type of program planning to take. Please make your choice carefully, for there is only one chance for each account. 3. 信息填写:依次完成“个人信息-联系方式-专业选择”等栏目的信息填写,并在“文件上传”上传入学要求的护照、照片和证书等材料。 Completing Information: Fill in all blanks in columns of personal information, contact information &program options and upload the required documents like passport, photos & certificates. 4. 提交申请:进行上述操作后,可以提交申请。如提交失败,系统会告知哪个具体步骤未完成。 Submitting Application: You can submit your application after the above steps. The system will tell which step needing to be completed if it fails. 5. 状态查询:进行上述操作后,基本已经完成申请。你可以在“申请状态”里面看到各个申请步骤的完成情况和学校的录取进展。 Application Status: Application is completed after the above steps. You can see the status of your application and the progress of OEC admission in the column of application status.

  6. 住宿信息Accommodation • 翔安校区提供四房一厅两卫四阳台的国际学生公寓,每个房间可入住两名学生。价格非常优惠,2000元/学年,设施齐全,配有空调、木制沙发、茶几、保险柜、热水器和网络接口。新生注册完成后,将由学校统一安排入住,无须预订。 Xiang’an campus provides overseas student apartments with four bedrooms, four balconies, two bathrooms and a sitting room at a favorable price of 2000RMB per year. The apartment is fully equipped with facilities like air-conditioner, wooden sofa & table, safe, water heater for shower and internet access, accommodating 2 students in a room. It is no need to reserve for it since students will be assigned a place there after finishing registration procedures. • 户型图Dormitory room type: • 其他生活信息Other information for everyday life in XMU: Web: 新生须知Advice for new students:

  7. 奖学金Scholarships • 孔子学院奖学金Confucius Institute Scholarship: • 支持对外汉语教学博士(新汉学计划)、汉语国际教育专业硕士、汉语国际教育专业本科、一学年研修生和一学期研修生 Confucius China Study Plan (PHD), MA & BA of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, one year or one semester Chinese training • 必须由孔子学院推荐Recommended by local Confucius Institutes • 必须有相应的汉语水平证书Chinese language certificates (博士,HSK5级;硕士,HSK5级180分,HSKK中级60分;一年,HSK3级180分,HSKK初级60分;一学期,HSK2级120分,HSKK初级60分) • 必须网络申请On-line application: • 通过年审才能享受下一学年奖学金Annual Appraisal • 奖学金负责单位Admissions office in charge of scholarships 中国政府奖学金、孔子学院奖学金、福建省政府奖学金、厦门大学奖学金等,支持本科、硕士、博士等不同层次的专业学习,可联系厦门大学招生办公室。

  8. 联系方式海外教育学院Contact informationOverseas Education College 负责各类汉语项目的招生和教学工作 In charge of teaching and enrollment for Chinese programs • 蒋玉塔 Jiang Yuta (Eric Jiang), 丁鹭燕 Ding Luyan (Christine Ding), 王赵远 Wang Zhaoyuan (Joey Wang) • 地址: 中国福建省厦门市翔安南路厦门大学翔安校区海外教育学院,邮编:361102 • Address: Overseas Education College, Xiang’an Campus of Xiamen University, South Xiang’an Road, Xiamen, Fujian province, China, 361102 • 电话Tel: 0086-592-2186211/2182451 (admissions), 2187728 (student affairs), 2093346 (fax) • Email: • Web: • Wechat: XMUOEC

  9. 联系方式厦大招生办公室Contact informationAdmissions office of XMU 负责非汉语专业本科及所有硕博和奖学金项目的招生工作 In charge of enrollment for non-Chinese programs and all MA & PHD as well as scholarship programs. • 电话Tel:+86 (0) 592 2184792 • 传真Fax:+86 (0) 592 2180256 • • 网站: • 地址:中国福建省厦门市思明区思明南路422号,邮编:361005 • Address: No. 422, South Siming Road, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China, postcode: 361005