just call me snow n.
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just call me “snow”

just call me “snow”

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just call me “snow”

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  1. just call me “snow” By Jane Doe

  2. Snow White- The OG Version • Original Genre- Fairy Tale & Fantasy • No known original author • Contains elements like magic mirrors, poisonous apples, and super social animals • Contains elements like wicked step mother who morphs into different person

  3. Snow White- MY Version • New “Switched” Genre- Realistic Fiction • Snow White is a fashion model who only goes by the name of “Snow”. The dwarfs are now regular humans who live in a New York condominium together. • She stumbles upon them at New York fashion week instead of in the woods. • They all hit it off and Snow White hires them (instead of them taking her in) as her Glam Squad. • Prince Charming is a designer who falls madly in love with the famous super model, Snow.

  4. Just Call Me “Snow”- Summary

  5. Summary Happily ever after takes on a different meaning for everyone in this new, switched version of “Snow White.” Snow is a beautiful, 19 year-old aspiring model in New York City… (Hello!? Have you seen that itty-bitty waist?) She gets her big break and is appearing in her first Fashion Week as a lead model, when she stumbles upon this group of 7 best friends. They hit it off, go out for dinner and she learns that Doc and Happy are make-up artists, Sneezy and Sleepy are hair dressers, Bashful and Grumpy are stylists, and Dopey is an agent. She is so excited and immediately puts them on board as her personal Glam Squad.

  6. Summary- Continued Dopey, now her agent, books her a job with a hot, new designer but she is reluctant to go. Snow only wants to work with well-established designers, but goes anyway. As she sits in the foyer of the salon, out comes the designer. “Hello Snow, I’m Prince. Prince Charming.” She blushes, bats her big lashes at him and slips into the signature Snow White design. It was love at first sashay. They have a big wedding in Central Park…