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Sons and Daughters of Liberty PowerPoint Presentation
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Sons and Daughters of Liberty

Sons and Daughters of Liberty

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Sons and Daughters of Liberty

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  1. Sons and Daughters of Liberty • The Sons of Liberty were a group of patriots who formed a rebellion against England. • They told colonists to boycott taxed goods. • The Sons of Liberty created meetings to plan attacks against the British. • The Daughters of Liberty also helped by telling colonists to drink something else besides tea or they created their own tea from green leaves, some colonists drank coffee • The Daughters of Liberty sewn their own clothing instead of buying them

  2. THE ROYAL PROCLAMATION OF 1763 • PROCLAMATION OF 1763 With the French defeat many colonists eagerly prepared to move across the Appalchian mountains to stop the Ottawa chief from the great lakes. It saved land west of the Appalachians for Indians. Also didn’t alow the colonists to move west of the AppalchianMountians

  3. Stamp Act • 1765 • Since King George spent so much money on the French and Indian war, he was broke. He decided to tax the colonists. • He taxed them on all printed materials. The printed materials all had to have a British stamps. • The colonists reacted in creating riots. They pretended to hang British soldiers. • At the end this act got repealed.

  4. The Quartering Act The Quartering Act was enforced in 1765. Colonist were forced to let British soldiers live in their homes. They were forced to provide food, beds, blankets, and even their own homes. If the colonists refused they would go to jail. British soldiers would usually be harsh to the owners of the house and would force them to give more of everything to the housed solders British solders being harsh to the owners of the house

  5. Townshend act of 1767 TEA LEAD PAPER GLASS • 1767 • Parliament tried 3 times to tax the colonists. • The colonist boycotted British goods. • Parliament repealed all the taxes except the tax on tea.

  6. THE BOSTON MASSACRE!! The year of 1770 One day, a group of angry colonists came to the British soldiers because the British taxed the colonists for tea, glass, paper, and lead. The colonists then threw snowballs at the British soldiers. The soldiers were very angry and fired! Five Americans died and the rest were injured.

  7. The Tea Act • The Tea Act happened in 1773. • They blocked ships and stopped people from unloading tea. • Smugglers were very happy about this, they smuggled illegal tea whenever they had a chance. • The British East India Company was going broke so they taxed the tea.

  8. The Boston Tea Party December,1773 The women made out of rasberries and called it freedom tea The Sons of dressed up as Mohawk Indians and dumped 342 crates of tea into the Boston Harbor. They were protesting “no taxation with out representation” British East India company was broke

  9. The Intolerable Acts • This act occurred in 1773 • This event was when parliament passed laws like the Quatering acts, no town meetings without permission and they closed the Boston harbor. • The colonists responded by voting to stop all trade with Britain. • This new act united the colonists. It was the last step to the road of the war. Picture of the colonists uniting

  10. The First...CONTINENTAL CONGRESS!!! • It was held in September of 1774 in Philadelphia. • Discussed about new laws. • Georgia was the only colony who didn’t send anyone to Philadelphia. • Also, they talked about what to do about the Intolerable Acts.

  11. The Second… CONTINENTAL CONGRESS!!! • It was held in May of 1775. • The representatives talked about strengthening the militias into a real Continental Army. • They talked about following the king’s rules peacefully and stopping all the fighting.