5 foods that help reduce 5 foods that help reduce n.
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5 foods that help reduce cholesterol levels PowerPoint Presentation
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5 foods that help reduce cholesterol levels

5 foods that help reduce cholesterol levels

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5 foods that help reduce cholesterol levels

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  1. 5 foods that help reduce 5 foods that help reduce cholesterol levels cholesterol levels With lifestyle diseases growing rapidly at an unprecedented rate, it is no surprise that raised cholesterol is estimated to cause 2.6 million deaths (4.5% of total) and 29.7 million disability adjusted life years (DALYS) annually. The scary part about high cholesterol is that it isn’t just a discrete condition to worry about; instead it serves as a stepping stone to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and other chronic and life- threatening conditions. Therefore, it is vital for each one of us to have our cholesterol levels in control, especially those who are over 40 years of age. Here are 6 foods that help you reduce cholesterol: 1.Legumes: Legumes are a group of plants that technically include all peas, beans and lentils. Legumes contain a lot of fibre, minerals and protein. Replacing some refined grains and processed meats in your diet with legumes can lower your risk of heart disease. Try chick peas, kidney beans, soy beans, and the entire range of lentils (dal).

  2. 2.Avocados: Are you aware of the concept of good and bad cholesterol? Well, as it turns out, not all cholesterol was built equal. Some are good (high density lipids or HDL) and some are bad (low density lipids or LDL). Now, avocados happen to be a rich source of monounsaturated fats and fibre — two nutrients that help lower “bad” LDL and raise “good” HDL cholesterol. 3.Fresh fruits and vegetables: As a general rule, foods rich in fibre with low fat content are good for your cholesterol levels. This is because these foods contain pectin, a soluble fibre that lowers LDL levels (also called bad cholesterol) and antioxidants that prevent other chronic, inflammatory diseases. If you don’t know where to start then begin by incorporating more apples, grapes, citrus fruits, strawberries and okra, eggplants, carrots and potatoes in your diet. 4.Tea: Tea, especially the green variety, is a powerhouse of antioxidants. No wonder it’s become every fitness influencer’s favourite drink. Tea contains catechins, a type of bioactive compound that inhibits cholesterol synthesis and absorption and helps prevent blood clots. Studies have proven teas to have LDL-lowering effects on the body…however, we are not sure if it also helps directly increase HDL levels. 5.Garlic: A popular ingredient in Indian kitchens, garlic comes with a long list of health benefits owing to several powerful compounds present in it. Allicin is one such compound. Studies suggest that aliicin lowers blood pressure in people with elevated levels and may help lower total and “bad” LDL cholesterol. For more health, wellness and fitness articles visit-