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How To Control Cholesterol Levels? PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Control Cholesterol Levels?

How To Control Cholesterol Levels?

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How To Control Cholesterol Levels?

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  8. High Cholesterol…. Problem Develops when too much cholesterol builds up in your blood stream 54% of people admitted to hospital with a heart event have high cholesterol The only way to find out if you have high cholesterol is to have a blood test. Having too much cholesterol in your blood stream can allow some cholesterol to settle in the walls of your arteries and cause heart disease. Excess cholesterol can also cause a clot to form in one of your heart arteries, which can cause a heart attack or stroke

  9. Track Levels Of Cholesterol…. • A healthcare provider can measure blood cholesterol and help you understand what the levels mean. • Track your cholesterol levels over time and take steps to reduce high cholesterol

  10. Tips To Control Cholesterol Levels….. Eat Smart Eat a healthy diet of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, lean animal proteins and fish. Limit Sugary drinks and foods, fatty or processed meats, full fat dairy products, eggs and tropical oils. Don't Smoke Smoking lowers good HDL cholesterol and raises your risk of heart disease. Move More Physical activity helps improve cholesterol levels.

  11. Take Ayurvedic Treatment… Cholesterol Off Lotion Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system has long been treating cholesterol problems with the help of natural remedies and a mild modification in a patient’s diet and physical activities. Cholesterol Off Lotion’s Ayurvedic herbs like maka, lasuna, arjuna are known to have cholesterol eliminating abilities and are also known to have an enhancing effect on the overall cardiac system.

  12. Why Choose Cholesterol Off Lotion..? • They aid in accelerating the elimination of bad cholesterol and promote the production of good cholesterol in the body. • These herbs also help in minimizing the cholesterol accumulation from the arteries to enable a healthy blood circulation to the heart while also reducing the hardening of the arteries. • They strengthen the cardiac muscles and are also well recommended to treat hypertension.

  13. How to use...? • Using Cholesterol Off Lotion daily shall reduce high cholesterol and will help in maintaining the normal range. Do it empty stomach early morning and repeat before going to bed. • Likewise repeat the same course of action for each of your foot's palms for 2-3 minutes. • Pour 10-12 drops of lotion in the middle of your palms, rub them by joining for up to 2-3 minutes. • Pat them dry • Wash your hands and feet either with fresh water or lukewarm water.

  14. Rubbing Hands…

  15. Rubbing Feet…

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