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Future Trends for Technology in Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Future Trends for Technology in Education

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Future Trends for Technology in Education
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Future Trends for Technology in Education

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  1. Future Trends for Technology in Education AIKCU PresentationPresenters: John Lympany & Kevin Blankenship

  2. Did You Know… Film producedby Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod & Jeff Brenman

  3. Can We Anticipate the Future?

  4. The Future …A Vision of today’s home computer in 1954

  5. Today’s Students They learn differently • Information Consumers • Multitaskers • Self-navigators • Interact through social networks • Online learners and online communicators Today’s students are …

  6. What are Students Saying?They Learn and Collaborate Differently Today Film producedby students atKansas StateUniversity

  7. What are Students Saying?They are making new choices for themselves • Opting out of residential learning and attending community colleges in greater numbers • Opting out of classroom learning in favor of online learning • Asking for more say and flexibility in how, when, and what they learn • Beginning to question the value of a liberal arts education

  8. Can Faculty Respond EffectivelyChanging the way we teach and learn Don TapscottPresentation

  9. What Does This Mean for our AcademyResidential Campuses are facing unprecedented challenges • “The Digital Age is eroding the exclusivity of the scholarly enterprise, and it is opening academic information and resources to all.” • “Is the modern college or university, centrally important as a storehouse of knowledge? As a purveyor of expertise? As a cultural arbiter?“ Richard N. Katz

  10. How Do WeReinvent Ourselves? Strategy Blended LearningPromote a blended teaching & learning environment that is rich in technology and rich in personal interaction. Informed Planning/Decision MakingPromote better planning and decision making through robust decision support systems that track institutional performance and facilitate peer review.

  11. Blended Learning EnvironmentIntentional integration of online, instructional, residential, and applied learning AmbientIntelligence MobileTechnologies OnlineCollaboration,Group Work, &Mentoring Virtual Worlds Web Portfolios RealitySimulations VideoStorytelling CloudComputing Group Work(Online or Traditional) Internships Service Learning AssistiveTechnologies AppliedLearning Co-curricular

  12. Blended Learning EnvironmentActive and Engaged Learning Constructivist PedagogyUse of technology to support learning-by-doingactivity. Diverse Teaching MethodsTo appeal to different learning styles A Blended CommunityAided by virtual tools and onlineinteraction/collaboration Applied LearningPractical learning experiences that include community partnerships, internships and service learning that prepare students to be successful in today’s information society

  13. Blended Learning EnvironmentIntentional use of portal technology to support student persistence Track student performancemetrics Enhanceadviser/advisee relationship Content and resources triggered whenpertinent to student

  14. Decision Support SystemsTrack institutional performance/support planning & decision making. • Analyze institutional performance • Against performance metrics • Longitudinally • Benchmarked against peers • Features • Drill down for more detail • Combines information from various systems and databases • Updated in real-time • Graphical display Dashboard Systems

  15. Decision Support SystemsTrack institutional performance/support planning & decision making. administration

  16. Decision Support SystemsTrack institutional performance/support planning & decision making.

  17. If you have time to read one articleI would suggest this one ….

  18. Incredible Shrinking Technology • Technology is pervasive in today’s world • Technology is intuitive to newer generations • Technology is integrated more than ever into the culture and operations of an institution • Information is processed in snippets and may not be completely absorbed

  19. Future Trending of Technology • Convergence- voice, video and data networks are all one network • Ubiquitous- technology permeates the campus, on-demand, always on, always ready • Connected- campuses can connect via wide-area networks and pool resources and talent http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMXm3fvktjU

  20. Future Technologists • Technologists must become partners with faculty and administration • Technologists are savvy in a number of areas • Technologists must influence teaching and learning

  21. What Will Change Your Campus • Wireless mesh • VOIP • Video over IP • Mobile computing • Cloud computing • Free applications (Gmail, etc.) • What else?

  22. End of Presentation

  23. Interview with Senator Collins When a higher standard of success could have been most helpful Interview withSenator Collinsin the Wake ofa Shipping Mishap off the Coast of Australia