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Trends in Visual Communication for Scientific Publication PowerPoint Presentation
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Trends in Visual Communication for Scientific Publication

Trends in Visual Communication for Scientific Publication

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Trends in Visual Communication for Scientific Publication

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  1. Trends in Visual Communicationfor Scientific Publication Council of Science Editors Annual Meeting 2007 Austin, Texas Linda Warren medical illustrator/ instructional designer

  2. Trends in Visual Communication As in publication, trends in visual communication have been influenced by technology. What was done previously with hand-held tools, is now done with the assistance of computers. The use of technology has required changes that have not been easy, but there have been many advances in visual communication.

  3. Trends in Visual Communication Delivery The delivery methods we use today allow us to communicate more effectively and faster than we did in the past. People who figure out how to use technology the best have an advantage over those who ignore it. This presentation focuses on what leaders in visual communication are doing - the early adopters who are leading the way. “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” - Will Rogers

  4. Trends in Visual Communication • Changes in Visual Representation • Visualization of things that can’t be seen • Construction from real data • Representation of subjects in 3D • Ability to rotate models • Use of motion • Addition of interactivity

  5. Trends in Visual Communication Visualization of Things that Can’t Be Seen Frontiers in the creation of images involve visualization of things that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Examples are large and distant structures such as those imaged by space telescopes (on the left) and macromolecules on the small end of the scale. Dr. David Goodsell at Scripps Research institute is a leader in visualization of macromolecules. His work can be seen on his website: Bubble Nebulafrom NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope

  6. Trends in Visual Communication Construction from Real Data Rather than relying on an artist’s interpretation of a subject, today’s image makers use real data to construct their images. Examples include the National Library of Medicine’s Visible Human Database and the Worldwide Protein Data Bank at: Cross section through the human head From the NLM's Visible Human Database

  7. Trends in Visual Communication Representation of Subjects in 3D Heart Model Visible Productions

  8. Trends in Visual Communication Ability to Rotate Models The availability of software to create three dimensional models allows visual communicators to create images that can be rotated and viewed from multiple angles. A collaborative team at The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine has developed sophisticated models for their training materials. The Glass Horse, distributed on CD, allows users to manipulate models showing equine anatomy and pathology. http://www/

  9. Trends in Visual Communication Use of Motion An animated movie recently created by XVIVO Scientific Animation for Harvard University takes advantage of motion to communicate abstract concepts on a macromolecular level. The “Inner Life of the Cell” can be seen online.

  10. Trends in Visual Communication Addition of Interactivity The most significant advances in visual communication incorporate user-controlled interactivity. An excellent example is a course in respiratory physiology created by Dr. Michael Parker at Harvard Medical School. The website which accompanies the textbook uses interactive diagrams to teach the most challenging and abstract concepts.

  11. Trends in Visual Communication Sources for Visual Communicators Indexed Visuals General, medical, and scientific illustration Medical Illustration Source Book Medical illustration, natural science illustration, animation, multimedia, and healthcare photography