all about robert louis stevenson n.
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All about Robert Louis Stevenson! PowerPoint Presentation
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All about Robert Louis Stevenson!

All about Robert Louis Stevenson!

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All about Robert Louis Stevenson!

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  1. All about Robert Louis Stevenson! …the British author who started it all…

  2. Audience & Environment • Grades 10-11 • Learners have some background in literature from my class • Environment -- Computer lab setting where each student has their own individual computer and works on the presentation alone

  3. Objectives • Condition • Given class time to review PowerPoint on Robert Louis Stevenson and will ten take quiz. Each student will be stationed at their own computer Students will be able to apply their knowledge through their learning at the end of class. • Performance • Students will be able to apply their knowledge at the end of the presentation with the facts and information they learned from their studies through a quiz. • Criteria • Students must pay attention to PowerPoint and are expected to get above 75% on the quiz.

  4. Orientation • The point of this slideshow is for you to become more knowledgeable on the famous British author Robert Louis Stevenson and be able to apply your learning accurately. Much of the next test will consist of this information.

  5. application • After completing this guide, you should be able to recall information about Robert Louis Stevenson’s background, personal life, and all his work accurately and successfully.

  6. What do the Buttons Mean? Main Menu Next Back

  7. Main Menu Fictions Background Info Family Other Works Last Facts Works Biographies Take the Quiz

  8. Some Background… • Stevenson was born in Edinburgh, England & was Scottish • Studied Engineering and graduated from Law in University, never writing • Suffered from Tuberculosis as a child • Nicknamed “Velvet Jacket” because of his love for Bohemian style

  9. Family • His family were all engineers who built most of the lighthouses in Scotland • His family were devout Christians, but Stevenson was an Atheist • One of his best friends was the King of Hawaii

  10. Video

  11. Works • Stevenson is said to have initiated the British tradition in writing • His work mostly consisted of biography, action/adventure, and horror • He drew inspiration from traveling

  12. “There are no foreign lands; it is the traveler only who is foreign.” ~Robert Louis Stevenson All of Stevenson’s bios were based off of his travels

  13. Famous Biographies • 1st published word was “An Inland Voyage” – based from his travels • “Silverado Squatters” was based from his 3 week honeymoon with his wife, Fanny

  14. Bios Cont… • The “Amateur Immigrant” – based off of Stevenson's trip cross country to California. • Interesting Fact!! – Stevenson’s father was so offended by this work that he bought every copy so no one could read it!

  15. Stevenson then later started writing works of fiction, primarily being action/adventure or horror.

  16. Works of Fiction • Treasure Island • One of Stevenson’s more famous works – included pirates, a young boy, and wild adventure • This work was inspired by his stepson while playing make believe on a rainy day.

  17. Fiction cont… • Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde • Book based on a good man having an “evil” altar ego • Stevenson wrote the book in 3 days, had his wife read it, then butned his manuscript and started all over! “All human beings are commingled out of good and evil.” ~Robert Louis Stevenson

  18. List of other Works • New Arabian Knights • Merry Men & Other Tales & Fables • The Coppers • Kidnapped

  19. Last facts… • Stevenson was only 44 years old when he died • He is buried at his last home in Samoa

  20. Now it’s time to take a practice quiz!!

  21. True or False: Robert Louis Stevenson was sick with TB as a child.

  22. Correct!

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  24. What did Robert Louis Stevenson study in University? Law Engineering Writing Both a & b

  25. Correct!

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  27. What was Robert Louis Stevenson’s family famous for building? Churches Lighthouses Taverns All of the above

  28. Correct!

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  30. Now it’s time to take the real quiz!

  31. Where was Robert Lewis Stevenson born? London Paris Ireland Edinburgh

  32. Correct!

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  34. Which disease did Robert Lewis Stevenson suffer from? HIV Tuberculosis Mumps Pneumonia

  35. Correct!

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  37. True or False Robert Lewis Stevenson’s wife was 10 years older than him

  38. Correct!

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  40. Which type of writing did Robert Lewis Stevenson use? Horror Action/Adventure Biography All of the Above

  41. Correct!

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  43. Finish this sentence: “Robert Lewis Stevenson initiated the British ______” Literature Fiction Tradition Writing custom

  44. Correct!

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  46. Which work of literature is Robert Lewis Stevenson’s? The Cantebury Tales Merry Men & Other Tales A Tale of Two Cities Pride & Prejudice

  47. Correct!

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  49. What degree did Robert Lewis Stevenson graduate University with? Engineering Law Writing None of the Above

  50. Correct!