the most unique handmade accessory you will ever n.
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Discover Helix

Discover Helix

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Discover Helix

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  1. THE MOST UNIQUE HANDMADE ACCESSORY YOU WILL EVER OWN Shop unique handmade men's cuff bracelets and order custom rings, pendants, bangles from Helix Cuffs. Also, Buy Handmade Sterling Silver cuff bracelets with Heavy Copper Helix. Discover Helix is all about helping you express yourself through unique accessories that accent your style.   

  2. Elevate Your Style With Discover Helix: In an enticing and constantly evolving culture of aesthetics, men’s accessories are becoming increasingly popular. The concept of accessorizing is not just restricted to the females. Modern men are intelligent and conscientious about their appearance as well. They know that the right choice of accessories can help to outwardly project their personality, and thus make a statement that is unique and individual. At, we understand deeply the sentiment of fashion loving men. To cater to their needs, we have forged an outstanding range of accessories. Crafted entirely by the hands of a single designer

  3. About Us: The designer at Helix Cuffs, Davis Hatcher, is recognized for following his own path and creating truly unique handmade jewellery. A fashionably aware man, he enjoys sharing his work and the excitement of those who are seeing these unique pieces for the first time. Because controlled chaos is intrinsic to the forged wire process, each piece is as unique as one man’s statement to the next.

  4. Why choose us: Our passion is an equal parts meeting of refining the process and expanding into new territory. This is Helix Cuffs. Buying regular Jewelry is one thing, but buying genuinely handmade Jewelry from a single designer is a different proposition altogether. For an upper-class professional, or anyone living life for them, a Helix Cuff is a conversation starter and an uncommon statement piece.

  5. Contact us: Address: 1879 Cedaridge Cir City: Superior State: Colorado Country: USA Zip code: 80027 Phone: 8882548822 Email ID: Website: Facebook: