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Mr. Simpson's Class Presents. S P A C E. The Infinite Frontier. The Surface Of Mercury. Mercury's Period Of Time. 1 year on Mercury is 88 Earth days and 3.3hours. 1 day is 176 Earth days. Mercury In Full View. Mercury's Temperatures.

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  1. Mr. Simpson's Class Presents SPACE TheInfiniteFrontier

  2. The Surface Of Mercury

  3. Mercury's Period Of Time • 1 year on Mercury is 88 Earth days and 3.3hours. • 1 day is 176 Earth days.

  4. Mercury In Full View

  5. Mercury's Temperatures • Low temperatures on Mercury can drop to 2700F not facing the Sun. • It can reach over 6500F facing the Sun.

  6. Craters On Mercury

  7. Mercury’s Surface • The surface is Rocky and covered with craters. • The surface of Mercury is so hot, no life could live on it.

  8. Mercury's South Pole

  9. Other Interesting Facts About Mercury • Mercury is named after the Roman God of commerce. • Mercury’s magnetic field is strong enough to deflect solar wind. • Mercury's core could possibly be made of a liquid substance.

  10. Mercury’s atmosphere • It’s atmosphere is made up of hydrogen, helium, oxygen, sodium, calcium, and potassium.

  11. The Creators Of The Slide Show: Nick Griffith And Blake Wood.

  12. M E R C U R Y Here is a great view of mercury

  13. Mercury • Who or what is the planet name after? • Roman god of commerce .

  14. M E R C U R y

  15. Mercury • How far is the sun is your planet? 27 million miles! • Dist across the planet? 4880 km

  16. mercury

  17. How long is one year on your planet? 88 days • How long is one day on your planet? 176 earth days

  18. How many moons are there? Mercury has NO moons!

  19. What are the gases? Hydrogen and helium. • What is the temperature? 360o F

  20. Created By Alan Childers

  21. Mars Dust Storm

  22. Mars Facts • A year on Mars is 687 Earth days. • A day on Mars is 24 Earth hours. • Mars has 2 moons, Phobos, & Deimos

  23. North Side of Mars

  24. Mars Facts • Mars was named after the Roman God of War, Ares. • Mars is 137 million miles from the Sun. • It is 4,070 miles across Mars.

  25. Mars Facts • The gases that are present in the atmosphere are 95% Carbon Dioxide, 3% Nitrogen, 1.6% Argon & contains traces of Oxygen & Water. • The terrain of Mars is rocky and has a lot of dirt, it has the largest volcano in our Solar System.

  26. Mars's Surface

  27. Mars Facts • The Temperature on Mars is -55oC, -67oF. • The surface of Mars is made of Gas, Volcanoes & Rock. • Mars also has very large Dust Storms

  28. Full View of Mars

  29. Created by Logan Brumley & Chris Miller

  30. Mars facts • The distance across the planet in diameter is 6,794 KM. • 1 year on Mars is 687 Earth years • Mars is 227,940,000 KM from the sun

  31. More facts about Mars • Mars’s service is 95% Carbine Dioxide,3% Nitrogen, 1.6% Argon, Oxygen and water • People call Mars the red planet • It takes 24 hours and 37 minutes to rotate around the Sun

  32. Facts about Mars! • A day on Mars is 24.6 hours • It’s named after the Roman God of War and Agriculture

  33. Mars facts • Mars has two moons their names are Deimos and Phobos • Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Argon are the gases in the atmosphere • The maximum temperature on Mars is 360C [980F] and the minimum temperature is 1230C [-1900F]

  34. The Dust storm on Mars

  35. More facts about mars • Mars is made up of Nickel, Iron, and it is rocky • The mass is 10% of Earth and the volume is 15% of Earth

  36. This project was presented by * Torrie Brogan and Tori Abplanalp *

  37. MARS

  38. Cyclone on Mars

  39. Mars has two Moons. Deimos and Phobos. • The warmest temperature is 68-70o • A full year on Mars is 686 days

  40. If you Look Closely You can See the Difference Of the two Pictures.

  41. Mars has the biggest volcano in the universe. • Mar’s orbit goes in the asteroid belt. • Mars is named after the Roman god of war and Agriculture.

  42. MarsBiggest Volcano Mars and its Volcano Region

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