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Advanced Google

Advanced Google. July 18, 2013 Sandee Brekke, MLIS Lane Medical Library & Knowledge Management Center. Introduction Obtaining a Google account Google Products Search tips Databases. Contents. Google Drive Docs Chart Tools Maps, Street View, Traffic Google Earth

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Advanced Google

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  1. Advanced Google July 18, 2013Sandee Brekke, MLIS Lane Medical Library & Knowledge Management Center

  2. Introduction • Obtaining a Google account • Google Products • Search tips • Databases Contents

  3. Google Drive • Docs • Chart Tools • Maps, Street View, Traffic • Google Earth • Picasa - Google image storage and editing tools • Google+ - Social Networking Contents

  4. Google Mobile • Google Talk – voicemail, international calling • Maps, Street View, Traffic • GPS • Google Chrome • Compatible across desktop & mobile Android devices • Access to “Extensions” and “Add-Ons” • Google+ - Social Networking • Circles, Google Hangout Contents

  5. Google’s share of internet searches is greater than 65% 1 • Googlebots! Spiders are deployed on the web to build copies of webpage content. Popular sites may be scanned several times per hour. • PageRank: Reliability and relevance of a site are calculated using 200+ different variables. Reliability of a site depends heavily on the reliability of the sites linking to it. • Word proximity and placement • Words in “title” of webpage can influence the page rank. • Source: ComScore Oct. 2012 Search Engine Ranking. goo.gl/opp1H Introduction

  6. www.google.com/accounts • Provides access to: • Drive – Documents, Charts, Presentations • Calendar • Gmail • YouTube • Maps • Images Setup a Google Account

  7. www.google.com/intl/en/about/products Google Products

  8. Google Accounts – At a Glance

  9. Doesn’t allow for word truncation. Some automatic “stemming” happens “behinds the scenes”. • Phrase Searching – Use double-quote “ “ • Asterisk “*” searches for missing words in a phrase, e.g., laryngeal * airway (laryngeal mask airway OR laryngeal airway) • Search operators : + - OR AND Google – Search Mechanics

  10. Phrase - “tropical sprue” • Site – “malaria vaccine” site:cdc.gov • Allintitle - allintitle: prevalence “hepatitis b” • Intitle – First word in title, following word in body (e.g. intitle: “yellow fever” nigeria • Filetype – “google search tips” file type: pdf, doc, pptx, etc. Google – Sample Search Techniques

  11. e.g. allintitle: “water pollution” site:who.int • Can also add file type: at end of search Combining Techniques

  12. allintitle: “water pollution” site:who.int • Define: allintitle • What time is it bethesdamaryland • Flight time airline and flight number • Find things like: use the ~ (e.g. ~nutrition) • Allintext - results in web pages containing search terms only in the text and not in description,title, urls etc. Additional Techniques and Syntax

  13. Define: “malignant hyperthermia” • Calculator – type in a formula [enter] answer • Conversion – usd in pounds [enter] answer; or kg to lb • World time - Time London [enter] • Local movie – ender’s game 94061[enter] Additional Techniques and Syntax

  14. Google Results Page

  15. Results Page: Search Tools

  16. “Scholarly” with Google Scholar • Indexed for Stanford’s libraries • Images • Translation • Books • News • Videos • Blogs Specialized Google Searches

  17. Google Scholar - Settings

  18. Google Scholar – Resultsscholar.google.com

  19. Google Scholar & Zotero

  20. Databases Beyond Google

  21. Google Imagesimages.google.com

  22. Google Translate (Language Tool)translate.google.com

  23. Google Books – Limit to Fulltext, Preview, or Partial Informationbooks.google.com

  24. Includes documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawing, and forms. • Share documents for collaboration and editing. • Add files with email upload feature • Store files in folders • Publish files on the web. Google Drive drive.google.com

  25. Google Drive (Docs)docs.google.com | drive.google.com

  26. Google Drive (Chart Tools)developers.google.com/chart

  27. Handy utility for finding places. • Directions from one location to another • Provides actual pictures of selected locations using “Street View” • Great traffic visualizer Google Mapsmaps.google.com

  28. Fascinating geography viewer • Imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings • Provides a wide array of overlays (e.g. restaurants, parks, etc.) • Provides astronomy viewer • CTRL+ALT+A provides flight simulator Google Earthearth.google.com

  29. Google Earth – Add layers to include nearby elements – restaurants, lakes, etc,earth.google.com

  30. Revert to Google.com’s English site in the U.S. • www.google.com/en Traveling Abroad?

  31. Organize, edit, and share your photos • Scan your computer for photos • Annotate and upload photos to web • Various sharing optons • Photo editing with new features • 1GB free storage Picasa - Google Image Storage and Editing Tools - picasa.google.com

  32. Picasa – Photo Edit Options picasa.google.com

  33. Google Mobilewww.google.com/mobile/voice-search

  34. Google’s own browser. • Compatible across desktop and your mobile Android devices. • Allows you to use “Extensions” and “Add-ons” • https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95346?hl=en Google Chrome

  35. Homepage for Google+ • Google+ Circles • Events • Pages • Interacts with Picasa • Google Hangout (like Skype) Google+ Social Networkingplus.google.com

  36. Google+plus.google.com

  37. ULR shortener • goo.gl • QR code generator • createqrcode.appspot.com • Sites – create a website • sites.google.com • Google Talk • talk.google.com • Patents Search • patents.google.comhttp://support.google.com/contact/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=2539193 Some Google Tools

  38. Bing vs. Google • www.bing-vs-google.com • Twingine • www.twingine.com • GoogaWho • www.googawho.com Side-by-Side

  39. Google Guide • www.googleguide.com/experienced_users.html • Advanced Search • www.google.com/advanced_search • Inside Search • www.google.cominsidesearch • Search Operators • support.google.com/websearch/bin/answer.pys?hl=en&answer=136861 Resources

  40. Google Search Educationpowersearchingwithgoogle.com

  41. www.google.com/settings/u/0/ads/preferences/?hl=en • Personalized ads – persistent, but modifiable • Ads on the web – can be removed completely Ad Preference Manager

  42. Comprehensive list available at: http://searchworks.stanford.edu/databases Additional Databases

  43. Q&A? Christopher Stave, MLS Lane Medical Library cstave@stanford.edu 650 725-4580

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