the importance and blessings of christian n.
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The importance and blessings of Christian Education PowerPoint Presentation
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The importance and blessings of Christian Education

The importance and blessings of Christian Education

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The importance and blessings of Christian Education

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  1. The importance and blessings of Christian Education Saturday, September 26th St. Peter Worship at Key to Life

  2. Welcome toSt. Peter! • This week in our worship services the hymns, Scripture readings and prayers help us to celebrate the blessings of education that’s centered upon Christ and his saving Word. May we recognize how important Christian education is and renew our commitment to pass down to our children and grandchildren the Word of God in all its truth and purity.

  3. Welcome toSt. Peter! • There are friendship registers at the end of each row of chairs. • Please take a moment to give us your information so that we have a record of your time with us today. • Thank you!

  4. For Our Guests • If you have questions, let us try to help. Speak with an usher, greeter, or the person next to you. • If you’d like to learn more about St. Peter and its ministry, please talk to a pastor or member after the service.

  5. Need to Know what’s going on? • Our church website has the info you need right at your fingertips • Check the church calendar. • Sign up for seminars or events. • Get access to devotions, sermons, and more.

  6. Prayer before Worship • On my heart imprint your image, Blessed Jesus, King of grace, That life’s riches, cares and pleasures Have no pow’r to hide your face. This the superscription be: Jesus, crucified for me, Is my life, my hope’s foundation, And my glory and salvation. Amen.

  7. Please be courteous and silence all pagers and cell phones. Thank you

  8. OUR COMMUNION PRACTICE • In the Sacrament of Holy Communion, we express unity with our Savior and those who share our faith and stand on the teachings of God’s Word. • Therefore, we invite to our altar those who are members of St. Peter or members of the WELS/ELS. Visitors who wish to commune are asked to speak to a pastor before the service begins.

  9. Fall Mission Festival & New Member Potluck When: October 4th Following the 10:30 am service there will be a potluck dinner served in the newly painted and decorated church basement.

  10. Fall Rally Saturday, October 3, 2015 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM  $3.00 Registration and Fellowship 9:00-9:45 AM  Rally Speaker - Rev. Larry Schlomer Administrator for World Missions

  11. Men’s Club Packer Night Meet at Bull Falls to watch the Monday night (9/28) game against the K.C. Chiefs. Come anytime after 6:30 PM. Bring $5 for a pizza delivery.

  12. Verse 11: Your body, giv'n for me, O Savior, Your blood, which you for me have shed-- These are my life and strength forever; By them my hungry soul is fed.

  13. Refrain: Lord, may your body and your blood Be for my soul the highest good!