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Distinct Achievements PowerPoint Presentation
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Distinct Achievements

Distinct Achievements

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Distinct Achievements

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  1. Distinct Achievements BODY ON THE LINE Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program 13th August 2010 Strictly Private & Confidential

  2. What is Corporate Social Responsibility? 3 Body on the Line 4 CSR Elements 6 Employee Initiatives 9 How You Can Get Involved 13 Next Steps 16 AGENDA

  3. WHAT IS CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY? • A concept whereby we as a company have decided to voluntarily contribute to a better society and a cleaner environment. • CSR is about showing commitment to the communities around us – working to make a positive difference in the environment and society.

  4. BODY ON THE LINE - VISION & MISSION • Body On The Line - Vision • Embrace CSR at a company and individual level, endeavouring to contribute to our communities and those less well off • Body On The Line - Mission • CSR is about demonstrating our Distinct values beyond the confines of the company • It is about being good members of society by getting involved in the communities to which we belong • It is more than sponsorship – it is a collective and individual commitment to improving the cultural, social and physical environment in which we live and work

  5. BODY ON THE LINE - OBJECTIVES FOR 2010 • Develop the Distinct and WD Scott brands through increased CSR • Embrace CSR at all levels across the organisation • Foster successful interaction with local communities & charities • Maintain a yearly schedule of activities • Ensure regular communications both internally and externally

  6. CHARITABLE GIVING The idea behind meaningful philanthropy is a desire to change the world for the better!

  7. COMMUNITY INVESTMENT We as a company can use our skills and expertise to create a brighter future for our local community! EMPLOYEES PARTICIPATING in the COMMUNITY

  8. We recognise that good corporate social investments will lead to long-term social, environmental, marketplace and workplace benefits! COMMERCIAL INITIATIVES

  9. EMPLOYEE INITIATIVES... MAY 2010 The aim of the fundraising office at Temple Street is to help sick children by making their stay in hospital less distressing for them and their families, by funding the purchase of medical equipment, developing new services, fund research and develop new treatment facilities.

  10. EMPLOYEE INITIATIVES... JUNE 2010 The ‘1 in 1000 - Running for Cystic Fibrosis’ charity aims to set up a new four bed Cystic Fibrosis isolation unit in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin.

  11. EMPLOYEE INITIATIVES... JULY 2010 Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. Their groundbreaking work into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer has saved millions of lives. Survival rates have doubled in the last thirty years and they have been at the heart of that progress.

  12. EMPLOYEE INITIATIVES... SEPTEMBER 2010 The Mercy University Hospital Foundation raises funds for projects such as: - Establishment of 'The Men's Health and Prostate Cancer Fund'. - Purchasing of a CT scanner to provide high definition 3d images of patients to allow accurate diagnosis of ailments including head trauma, heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis.

  13. HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED... There’s a Little Super Hero in all of Us! • Organise or take part in a fund raising event • Support the BOTL initiatives as they go live! • Vote for your ‘Charity of Choice’ for 2010 • Talk to the BOTL team about any ideas you may have • We have provided a suggestion box for you to submit any ideas you have today! BARARDOS CANCER ESEARCH UK OXFAM

  14. CHARITY OF CHOICE FOR 2010... TEMPLE STREET CHILDRENS HOSPITAL • We’re pinning our hopes on your choice... • We wish to partner with one or two specific charities for 2010 and we need you to vote for your ‘Charity of Choice’ for 2010. • You can choose from the following shortlist of choices, or indeed submit your own charity idea. • All votes will be collated & the charity announced in the next couple of weeks. MERCY UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL FOUNDATION BARNARDOS CYSTIC FIBROSIS ASSOCIATION OF IRELAND CANCER RESEARCH UK IRISH CANCER SOCIETY OXFAM GOAL IRELAND

  15. BOTL TEAM Gillian Wyse Barry Dolan Louise Walsh Bronagh Grimes Darren O’Neill Orlaith Ryan Tanya Leenane Heather Richardson John Morrissey

  16. NEXT STEPS • Choose ‘Charity of Choice’ for 2010 • BOTL team will continue to work on implementing one initiative per CSR element • Communicate schedule of activities for H2 2010 • Kick-off event coming your way towards the end of September!