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March 7 * JRNL 10

March 7 * JRNL 10. Prof. Vaccaro Hofstra University. Review Assignment 1. Critique each person’s slide show Don’t worry - we’ll be kind Grades will be emailed sometime during the week. Fan vs. Fan. Every student must post one article and one video throughout the semester

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March 7 * JRNL 10

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  1. March 7 * JRNL 10 Prof. Vaccaro Hofstra University

  2. Review Assignment 1 • Critique each person’s slide show • Don’t worry - we’ll be kind • Grades will be emailed sometime during the week

  3. Fan vs. Fan • Every student must post one article and one video throughout the semester • If you don’t like sports, it’s okay, we’ll make it as easy as possible • First posts are due next week … any volunteers to start? I will do it randomly. • Posts are to be 350 words - we’ll work together on this

  4. Opinion No set style Completely online Citizen journalists Anyone can do it Free/sustainable Objectivity Proper style Print/online/TV Trained journalists Hired by company Biz team needed Blog vs. Traditional Media

  5. Popular Blogs • According to ebizmba.com, the top 15 blogs on the net, as of March 6, 2011 … • 1 | HuffingtonPost: 28,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors (AOL) • 2 | TMZ: 17,000,000 - Estimated UVs • 3 | engadget: 11,500,000 - Estimated UVs • 4 | PerezHilton: 9,000,000 - Estimated UVs • 5 | Gizmodo: 8,900,000 - Estimated UVs • 6 | Mashable: 7,000,000 - Estimated UVs • 7 | TechCrunch: 6,500,000 - Estimated UVs (AOL) • 8 | Gawker: 4,500,000 - Estimated UVs • 9 | lifehacker: 4,400,000 - Estimated UVs • 10 | FanHouse: 4,350,000 - Estimated Uvs (AOL)

  6. In-class Videos • In class video: If You Canít Beat Em, Blog Em and The End of Print • http://digital.films.com.ezproxy.hofstra.edu/featuredvideos.aspx

  7. Blog Basics • Characteristics defining a blog (Briggs - Journalism Next) • Frequently updated - new content should be at the top • Every entry has a headline/body text and includes hyperlinks • Contains a spot for reader comments

  8. Blog Basics • San Jose Mercury News added a blog in 1999 and changed journalism • Every newspaper has blogs • Every major newspaper has broken news via their blogs • Every reporter hired now, is asked if they know how to manage/run a blog

  9. What are your favorite blogs? • Tell us your favorites? • Let’s look at newspaper blogs … • Vaccaro • Let’s Blog it Out (Entourage), Newsday • JRNL Teaching (Stony Brook), independent • Patch Blog (Company blog), Patch.com

  10. Creating a blog • Make a plan: editorial/business • Choose a blog system • Blogger/Wordpress • Choose a theme/design • Extras/Gadgets/Widgets • Build your audience • How? Remember from our second class?

  11. Tips for Bloggers • Organize your ideas • Be direct and to the point • Use appropriate language and style • Be the authority with a personality • Link, summarize and analyze • Be specific with headlines/tagging • Post early/post often • Use images and multimedia elements • Participate in the community/social network • Write less and with conviction

  12. News Education Hot-button issues Animals HS Football Politics Breaking news Sachem Schools Immigration Doggies Sachem Football Newsday LI Pol. Blog Ideas and Better Ideas

  13. Other Blog Creation Tips • Define your competition … who else is writing about this topic? • Who cares about the topic? Will anyone read or see this? • How can I make this a visitor destination? • Live blog and host talk sessions … think outside the editorial box

  14. Microblogging • Using Twitter and Facebook to get your message out quickly • Effective medium for breaking news • Can host chats/Q&As • Extension of your editorial reach • Building a digital community • Another reach for advertisers • Building your brand tweet-by-tweet • Create lists and communicate with others • Go mobile … Howard Stern tweets

  15. Assignment 2 • Create a blog editorial/business plan • In two paragraphs create a blog idea that doesn’t already exist • Remember … it has to be an original topic and exist for a specific reason • Feel free to be as creative and detailed as you want • Name it, describe it and post on your Wordpress class blog prior to March 14 • You must present to the class prior to our guest speaker’s lecture • Due March 14

  16. Ideas to keep in mind • Should be a well-defined topic • Ability to provide brief, incremental updates • Well reported • Authors should be engaged with audience

  17. Next Class • Reading • Check the site class schedule … there are about 10 things that need to be read prior to March 21 • Guest Speaker: James Parziale • Research and prepare questions • You will need to blog about his visit • Use 3-5 hyperlinks, apply a catchy headline, find a photo, if possible, etc.

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