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Wind Energy: Doubly-fed Induction Generator Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Wind Energy: Doubly-fed Induction Generator Presentation

Wind Energy: Doubly-fed Induction Generator Presentation

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Wind Energy: Doubly-fed Induction Generator Presentation

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    1. Dolcera Corporation

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    4. Dolcera Corporation

    5. Introduction Harnessing renewable alternative energy is the ideal way to tackle the energy crisis, with due consideration given to environmental pollution, that looms large over the world. Renewable energy is also called "clean energy" or "green power" because it doesnt pollute the air or the water. Wind energy is one such renewable energy source that harnesses natural wind power. The development of wind energy systems and advances in power electronics, electric drives, control systems, have enabled e?cient future for wind energy. Wind generation through doubly fed induction generators connected to wind turbine is a very e?ective way of generation.

    6. HAWT Taxonomy

    7. Classification Different classes related to wind turbines are identified

    8. Dolcera Corporation

    9. Control Patents

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    14. Patent Analysis

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    18. Market Overview The total global wind power generation in the year 2009 shown below

    19. Market Forecast Global wind power capacity could reach 2,300 GW by 2030, providing up to 22% of the world's electricity needs, from the existing 2.2% in 2010.

    20. Insights: Major Players Vestas Wind Energy Systems and General Electric are the major players in wind energy generation through doubly-fed induction generator technology.

    21. Insights: Key Patents Key patents in the field are held by US Windpower, Oregon State and Vestas Wind Energy Systems

    22. Insights: Year wise IP activity Year wise IP activity based on publication years

    23. Insights: Geographical Distribution Geographical distribution of patents

    24. Insights: Others Around 86% patents are on controlling the doubly-fed induction generation(DFIG) which indicates high research activity going on in rating and controlling of the DFIG systems. 86% of the patent on DFIG operation are focusing on grid connected mode of operation, suggesting continuous operation of the DFIG system during weak and storm winds, grid voltage sags, and grid faults are major issues in the current scenario. Woodward is a new and fast developing player in the field of DFIG technology. The company filed 10 patent applications in the field in year 2010, while it has no prior IP activity.

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