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Program Audit Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Program Audit Training

Program Audit Training

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Program Audit Training

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    1. Program Audit Training Pupil Count At Risk Funding Transportation Audit Process

    2. Attendance Attendance records should document attendance for ALL students during the count window.

    3. Documentation Requirements Attendance records for count window. If a student is absent on the count day and/or the 5 days prior or after, the district will need to provide additional attendance records. If a students attendance is sporadic, the district could be asked to provide verification from the teacher or truant documents.

    4. Common Audit Exceptions Counting a student who is absent on the count day and not resuming attendance within 30 days of the count day. Counting a student who is absent on the count day and not resuming attendance prior to unenrolling. Not having attendance documents for ALL students. For example, tuition or transition.

    5. Preschool Students with disabilities Students can only be counted .5FTE and must be scheduled for at least 90 semester hours of pupil-teacher contact time.

    6. Documentation Requirements Attendance documents. Date appropriate SERVICE DELIVERY PAGE from the IEP. All services provided to the student should be documented on the IEP.

    7. Common Audit Exceptions No attendance records. The service delivery page of the IEP is dated after the count day. The service delivery page of the IEP has services ending prior to the count day. IEP does not contain ALL services provided to student. Less than 90 hours of pupil-teacher contact time.

    8. Student Schedules Student schedules should be effective as of the count day and include classes scheduled equal to one half of the school year. Full time students should have a class schedule equal to at least 360 hours and part time students should have at least 90 hours scheduled. Optional attendance classes and lunch can not be used in the calculation of pupil-teacher contact time. Passing time is not considered to be pupil-teacher contact time unless the local board of education passes a resolution.

    9. Documentation Requirements Calendars and bell schedules that pertain to ALL secondary students. Student schedules equal to one half of the school year. If a district is on trimesters, schedules for trimester 1 and 2; quarters, schedules for quarter 1 and 2; hexters, schedules for hexter 1, 2 and 3. Any applicable board resolutions to count passing periods as instructional.