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We Are The Greatest

We Are The Greatest

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We Are The Greatest

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  1. We Are The Greatest Based on Alive-O 3: Term 2, Lesson 3 Refer to Teacher’s Book pp. 182-194 What am I trying to do? To explore and to celebrate the particular perspective on childhood which was given by Jesus. Why? So that children will learn to acknowledge, to express and to celebrate the goodness of childhood and to find joy in it.

  2. Today is Market Day. The children love Market Day. They go to the town square. All the grown-ups are there. There are men selling cheeses. There are women buying cloth.

  3. There are bakers selling bread. There are people buying spices and fruit.

  4. There are cows mooing and donkeys braying.

  5. It is a busy place for adults and a fun place for children. They love to run about and enjoy being with their friends. They play hide and seek.

  6. Today a man comes to the Market Place. At first no one notices the man. He sits in the middle of the square where everyone will be able to see him and hear him. He tells them about a kingdom. He calls it God’s Kingdom.

  7. He says that in God’s Kingdom everyone is happy. Everyone loves their friends as well as those who are not their friends. Some ask him: “How can we get to live in such a place?”

  8. He answers: “God’s Kingdom is not in any particular place. Wherever people love one another, wherever people are kind and gentle, wherever people share with one another, that is where God’s Kingdom is. God’s Kingdom is right here, right now.”

  9. One man then asked a question: “I am an important person in my community. I would like to know who is the most important person in this Kingdom of God that you talk about.”

  10. Jesus walks over to one of the children and says, “Who will help me? I need one of you to help me teach the grown-ups something very important.” Me, me, me!

  11. The man smiles. He takes the smallest child by the hand and brings him into the middle of the crowd. He wants everyone to notice the child.

  12. “You ask me who is the most important person in God’s Kingdom. I will tell you now. The child is the greatest in God’s Kingdom.”

  13. A murmur of shock and surprise runs through the crowd of grown-ups. They can hardly believe their eyes or their ears! They have never heard the like of this before!

  14. When the man is finished, the child runs back to the other children, “What did he teach the adults?” the others asked. “He taught them that children are the greatest!” Who is this man? Hurrah for Jesus! His name is Jesus!