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  1. TEAM BUILDING It’s a Group Effort Catie Bloom AAA Appliance Service Center

  2. Introductions: Who we are. Catie Bloom Tanner Andrews Past USA President Andy’s Appliance in Nebraska • USA Board Member • AAA Appliance Service Center in Illinois • Work in Atlanta remotely

  3. Leadership: it starts at the top • You set the example to follow • Set the tone you want for your employees • You are responsible for your environment

  4. Expectations & Goals • Does everyone know what their goals are? • Does each person have specific goals? • Do they know what their goals are? • Do they know what the companies goals are? • What are your expectations of them? • What are you expectations for the company? • What expectations do you have for yourself? • Who are you accountable to? • Who holds you accountable?

  5. Iceberg Theory Underlying support structure Peer Support Organized Processes Training/Standards Leadership Support Quality Control

  6. Iceberg Theory • The Visible Actions & Behaviors • What is visible to each other and the other non-visible things each person is responsible for that we don’t remember or don’t see

  7. Teams Shared Vision = Invested in the success of the business Good Marriage = balance talents Care = Personal relationships

  8. Positivity • Positive attention is more beneficial to the company and the longevity of your staff • Public Praise • Closed Door Discipline • It also must be known that discipline is happening, because they will turn on each other if they feel there is unfair treatment • Don’t ignore negative behavior, but don’t focus only on it • Personal Attention is desired

  9. Big Picture Vision • Important as a leader to have a macro outlook on the company vision • Need by-in from upper management • Share vision with entire staff • Paint a broad picture of where you are, where you want to be and how you are going to get there • Let management handle day-to-day details with staff • This helps to create a cohesive team, a cohesive vision and team loyalty • Younger generations are loyal to PEOPLE not COMPANIES, it is important to

  10. Transparency • Be open and honest with team/staff • Share problems & issues with team • Have an open door policy • This doesn’t have to be the owner but it does need to be the leader

  11. Create A Vested Interest • When being transparent you will also open the door to your team to help solve problems • Listen to what they have to say • Have an open discussion regarding suggestions, solutions, etc. • This helps to create a vested interest from the employee • When they feel as part of the team, part of the solution, part of the company they act in ways that reflect this • If you are going to take a suggestion, make sure you follow through

  12. Team Building Activities • Events throughout the year • Create something that is important to everyone and they can all get behind • Adopt a Local Family for the Holidays – Send gifts • Food Drive

  13. Ah, Um Game 15 minutes

  14. Goal: Stop Saying “Ah” “Um” “Like” or “You Know” • Separate into groups of about three or four people. • One volunteer starts • They must talk to their group about a certain topic for one full minute without saying the following taboo words: “Ah”, “Um”, “Like”, or “You Know”. • If the person does not say the taboo words in the round, then the person can move to the second round. • If they accidentally say a taboo word, then it'll be the next person's turn. • The people who avoid saying the taboo words are the winners of the game.

  15. START GAME • Timer : one (1) minute • Possible Topics: • Favorite Movie • Favorite Animal • Favorite TV Show • What did you do last week? • Summer Activities • What would you do with $10,000? • What is your favorite activity? • What is your favorite dessert?

  16. Contact Info Tanner Andrews Catie Bloom 402-423-2382 LinkedIn • • 847-966-1950 x404 • LinkedIn