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Mixed Martial Arts Continues To Explode In Worldwide Popular PowerPoint Presentation
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Mixed Martial Arts Continues To Explode In Worldwide Popular

Mixed Martial Arts Continues To Explode In Worldwide Popular

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Mixed Martial Arts Continues To Explode In Worldwide Popular

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  1. Mixed Martial Arts Continues To Explode In Worldwide Popularity, Viewership And Participation (1888PressRelease) Mixed martial arts continues to explode in worldwide popularity, evidenced by the Fox network's pick-up of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events. This means that more trained, certified MMA coaches who understand the science of the sport will be needed now and years into the future. With the debut of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on the Fox network this month, mixed martial arts or MMA is now on network TV and in communities everywhere. As more kids and adults pursue their passion for mixed martial arts, the demand for more trained and skilled coaches continues to grow as well. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is an American mixed martial arts company that hosts most of the top-ranked fighters and is producing the upcoming Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos on Nov. 12 on Fox TV. The show will be aired in 16 countries, another sign of the worldwide growth of MMA. "Whether it's on national television or at a local community center or gym, MMA continues to absolutely explode in popularity," said John Spencer Ellis, founder of the Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association (MMACA), which offers mixed martial arts certification for coaches and trainers. "Winning in the UFC isn't just luck or strength - it is a science, and our trainers can apply scientific training principles to help athletes of all levels succeed." 
Appropriate for personal trainers, coaches, martial artists and MMA participants, the mixed martial arts training offered by the MMACA is designed for coaches and trainers interested in acquiring both athletic and business skills required for successful MMA coaching. Further, the Certified MMA Conditioning Coach program also focuses on combat conditioning drills, plyometrics, mental training, TRX, kettlebells, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, sports nutrition, power, flexibility and more.

  2. About MMACA The Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association (MMACA) was developed to bridge the gap between sports conditioning science, MMA training methods and direct application from the ring, octagon, mat or cage. The MMA Conditioning Association is the MMA certification division of the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA), a leader in innovative solutions for fitness, nutrition and wellness professionals, as well as club owners since 1992. Founded by John Spencer Ellis, NESTA now has more than 55,000 members in 55 countries, and it is one of the largest fitness associations in the world, and the fastest growing association of its kind in the United States. The MMACA and its staff of educators, exercise physiologists, dietitians, biomechanists, strength coaches, sports psychologists, physical therapists, massage therapists, kinesiologists and business professionals have joined with the world's top boxers, wrestlers, BJJ fighters, Muay Thai fighters, American kickboxers, MMA fighters and coaches to develop a comprehensive MMA conditioning program. For more information, please visit Also visit for more details and information. Source: