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WIAA Weight Management Program

WIAA Weight Management Program. Coaches Training Presentation 2013-14 Season. History of Weight Management. 1997 three college wrestlers died while engaged in unsafe "weight loss" activities .

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WIAA Weight Management Program

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  1. WIAA Weight Management Program Coaches Training Presentation 2013-14 Season

  2. History of Weight Management • 1997 three college wrestlers died while engaged in unsafe "weight loss" activities. • The NCAA Medical Advisory Committee established and mandated a comprehensive weight certification program to safeguard wrestlers. • The WIAA does not advocate that a wrestler's established minimum is the athlete's best weight at which they will be allowed to compete.

  3. Preseason Assessments For: Weight Hydration Body Fat (Skinfold, BodPod) Re-Assessment To Establish: Minimum Wrestling Weight Safe Weight Loss Plan Daily Nutrient Goals Components Weight Management Program

  4. Regulations The establishment of a minimum wrestling weight based on 7% body fat for males and 12% body fat for females. Hydration level of 1.000-1.025 Weight loss no greater than 1.5% per week of the athlete’s body weight. Nutrition education program for student-athletes. The initial testing can start on  November 11, 2013, but must be completed (names must appear on the schools Team Master Report) prior to any matches being wrestled. All assessments must be completed one week prior to post-season competition

  5. Regulations (cont') The lowest weight class a wrestler may compete at will be determined as follows: If the predicted weight, at 7% male/12% female is exactly that of one of the weight classes, that weight class shall be the wrestler’s minimum weight class. If the weight class falls between two weight classes, he/she must wrestle at the higher weight class. Any male or female wrestler whose body fat percentage at the time of the measurement falls below 7%/12% the wrestler must wrestle at the weight class they are at with a physician's clearance. NO WEIGHT LOSS WILL BE ALLOWED. Physician’s clearance forms must be cleared by the WIAA prior to the first competition.

  6. Responsibilities of schools in the assessment process: Contact an approved WIAA assessor. The list of approved assessors will be available on the MY WIAA website The school must have available at the time of the assessment the following items: (Communicate with the assessor prior to assessment date) Digital Scale Data Collection Form (provided on the MyWIAA in electronic form) Lange skinfold calipers Digital refractometer Cups to collect urine People to help supervise (no wrestling coaches or anyone associated with the wrestling program) The school shall see that all charges are paid upon completion for the testing(WIAA assessors may charge up to $5/ assessment) Regulations (cont')

  7. Regulations Weight loss per week Wrestlers are allowed a maximum weight loss of 1.5% of the total body weight each week until the minimum weight is achieved. A wrestler will not be able to wrestle at the minimum weight until the date specified on the weight loss plan.

  8. Coaches Responsibility on match or Tournament date • Only wrestler who's name does appear on the weigh in sheet is eligible to compete on match day • Coach is required to have a copy of weigh in sheet for each opposing coach at the time of weigh in. • Each coach should have an up-to-date master report on file.

  9. Using Weight Management in MyWIAA • Logging into MyWIAA • Updating Coaches Profile • Updating your wrestling team roster • Printing out your Master Report • Receiving Physicians Clearance Forms • Printing out Weigh-In Roster Forms

  10. Update Team Roster and Assessment In order to prepare for your wrestlers assessments this year you will need to update your team roster.  Your roster from last year has been moved to this year with grade level updated with the exception of last year's seniors. Step 1:  Remove wrestlers from roster that will not be on this years’ team. Change Active from “yes” to “no”  Step 2:  Add new wrestlers to roster. Step 3:  Print out "Data Collection Form" for your assessor.

  11. Welcome page MyWIAA “My Wrestlers” and “My Wrestling Schedule” on left

  12. “My Wrestlers” Main Page Wrestlers are sorted alphabetic by “last name” and “active” status. To make a change to their active status click on their name.

  13. Wrestler Information page Make sure name is spelled correctly, active status is correct, grade is correct, gender is correct. Make changes as necessary and then click on “Save Changes”

  14. Wrestler Information page Add new wrestler that do not show on your “My Wrestlers” main page. Click on “Save Changes” after new entry each.

  15. Generating Data Collection Froms After updating your roster you are ready to generate “Data Collection Form” for Initial Assessments. You can produce all “Data Collection Form” by clicking on the link at bottom of the list or individually by clicking on the link on the right side of the list for each wrestler.

  16. Date Collection Forms This is the official “Data Collection Form” Please print this form And provide this form to your wrestler for use in both initial and re-assessments.

  17. Preparing your wrestlers for Weight Management ProgramAssessment Process It is important to prepare your wrestlers for the Weight Management Program initial assessment. Review the process with the team. A Weight Management Program meeting can occur prior to the start of the season. • Set the date and time for assessments with the Assessor. • Cover food and drink protocol for two days prior to assessment. • Explain assessments steps. Starting date and ending date.

  18. Assessment Process WIAA accepts two methods of body density and body fat percentage measurement. Skinfold test using Lange Skinfold caliper with calibration block Air Displacement Plethysmography (ADP) using the Bod Pod Initial Assessment may begin on Nov 11, 2013, but must be completed by Monday Jan 27, 2014. Re-Assessment may begin after the initialassessment and must be completed by Monday, Jan 27, 2014.

  19. Preparing for the Initial Assessment Two days prior to the Assessment day, athletes should: Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day, Athletes should be drinking at least  8 - 10 glasses of water during the day. Increase intake of foods high in fiber, this will assist with the removal of excess waste from the body. (Salads, cereal with skim milk, vegetables, fruits are examples of foods high in fiber) Eat smaller more frequent meals. AVOID food high in fat (fried foods, meat, French fries, pizza, nuts, salad dressings etc.) AVOID salty foods (potato chips, pretzel, pizza, tuna, crackers, soft drinks and sports drinks. Be sure that you eat and drink, do not dehydrate.

  20. Initial Assessment Prepare pre-printed DATA COLLECTION FORM from your wrestlers. Remind wrestlers to Have their photo ID available for the Assessor.  Athlete Testing Attire: Males:  Gym shorts and in bare feet. Females:  Gym shorts and Sports Bra and in bare feet. Hydration Testing Athlete will be provided a marked cup to collect a mid-stream sample of urine while being monitored. Urine will be tested with a digital refractometer.  A passing hydration test is any reading from 1.000 to 1.025.

  21. Initial Assessment (cont') The initial assessment will continue only if you have passed your hydration testing. Body Weight.  Your weight will be displayed on a digital scale.  Please note the weight on the scale to the nearest one tenth of a pound.  You will be asked to initial on the DATA COLLECTION FORM that your weight was recorded correctly. The next step will be to have your skinfold measurements completed with a Lange Skinfold calipers. Males will be measured on three locations:  abdominal, triceps, and subscapular Females will be measured on two locations: triceps and subscapular

  22. Initial Assessment (cont') Your assessor will input the measurements from the assessment in the WIAA WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM within 48 hours of your assessment. You can contact your coach to provide you with a printed "Weight Loss Plan“. Your "Weight Loss Plan" will show you the eligible weight classes that you can wrestle during the 11 weeks of the wrestling season.

  23. Initial Assessment (cont') If you failed your hydration testing you should review the preparation for initial assessment. You may make arrangements to complete another hydration test with your assessor. If your initial assessment calculated your body fat percentage below 7% for males and 12% for females you are required to have a PHYSICIAN'S CLEARANCE FORM completed by your physician and sent into the WIAA office before you will be able to compete. Your can have your coach print out a Physician's Clearance Form for you to take to you physician.

  24. Re-Assessment All athletes are eligible for a Re-Assessment. Re-Assessment can be conducted after the Initial Assessment until Monday, Jan 27, 2014. Only 1 (one) re-assessment is allowed per athlete. The re-assessment can only allow your Weight Loss Plan to lower 1 (one) weight class. If the re-assessment changes you Weight Loss Plan to a higher weight class, you do not have the ability to challenge it. Re-assessment follow the same steps of an initial assessment and can be conducted after the intial assessment has been entered in THE Weight Management Program.

  25. Initial Assessment & Re-Assessment Process Step 1: Id Check Step 2: hydration testing Step 3: Weight Check on Digital Scale Step 4: Skinfold Measurements

  26. Step 1: Id Check

  27. Step 2: Hydration Testing

  28. Step 3: Weight Check on Digital Scale

  29. Step 4: Skin Fold Measurements

  30. Team Master Report After the Assessor has entered the assessments into the Weight Management Program, you will be able to generate a Team Master Report. This is a list of Wrestlers eligible to wrestler. If a wrestler is below 7% male / 12% female, they will not show on this report until a “Physician’s Clearance Form” have been received by the WIAA Office. “A Physician’s Clearance From” will be attached to an email to you for each wrestler needing on. Make sure to Update after new assessments have been entered.

  31. Weight Loss Plan A “Weight Loss Plan” can be generated after the assessment has been entered, by selecting the wrestler on the “My Wrestlers” Main page and then clicking on “Print Weight Loss Plan”. Each wrestler should receive a copy of their “Weight Loss Plan”.

  32. Weight Loss Plan (group print) By clicking on “Produce All Weight Loss Plans”

  33. Weight Lock in for Wrestlers • A wrestler may weigh-in for only one of the two weight classes the wrestler’s weekly descent plan allows. NFHS rules allow the wrestler to wrestle up one weight class above the weight class they have weighed-in. • If a wrestler weighs in one weight class below their lowest approved weight, they can only wrestle at the lowest weight of their current decent plan. • Weigh-in in any weight class above the eligible weigh-in weight classes defined by the weekly weight loss descent plan will require the wrestler to recertify (LOCK-IN) immediately at that weight class. The wrestler is required to compete at this weight class, or any greater weight class for which they qualify, for the remainder of the season.

  34. Weight Lock in for Wrestlers Select weight and Lock-in Type

  35. My Wrestling Schedule You will enter a event date to print out a Weigh In Report, by adding a new match.

  36. Wrestling Match Information Enter Information and click “Save Changes”, then click on “Generate Weigh In Report”

  37. Weigh – In Report Select the wrestlers you want on Weigh-In Report, click on “Generate Weigh In Report”.

  38. Weigh In Report Provide a copy of this report to opposing coach and /or Tournament Director

  39. New Changes to Weight Management • New Software for Weight Management Program. • Coaches lock in wrestlers if necessary. • If you have questions they should be emailed to: wwwmp@wiaa.com.  One of the Weight Management Program Team members will get you an answer. Have a great season.

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