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High Proxies in your Google Chrome browser PowerPoint Presentation
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High Proxies in your Google Chrome browser

High Proxies in your Google Chrome browser

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High Proxies in your Google Chrome browser

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  1. High Proxies in Your Google Chrome Browser HIGH PROXIES IN YOUR GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER​

  2. Google Chrome is currently the most used web browser not just in the United States. Statistics from the government’s Digital Analytics Program show that 44.5% or almost half of Americans prefer Google Chrome as their web browser. You’ll need an effective tool in order to get more out of your Google Chrome browser. Why not use High Proxies in your web browser? The internet should be a safe place for everyone, including yours. Well, here are the easy steps in configuring your proxy if you have already purchased from High Proxies. It will take you less than three minutes to do so! Just follow these steps!

  3. 1. Open your Chrome Browser. • Go to • Click on “My Account” and choose “My Proxies.” • It will take you to your page. At the light orange panel, click on “Services” and select “My Proxies.” • Your proxy data will appear. Click on the “Download your Proxy List” button • Click on the download. A Notepad text should come out. • Copy the proxy line and proxy port in the text.

  4. 2. On the upper-right corner, click on the Chrome menu, and then click on “Settings.” 3. Click on the “Show advanced settings.” 4. Scroll down to the “Network” section. 5. Click on “Change Proxy Settings” 6. A new window will pop up. Click on “LAN Settings”

  5. 7. A new window comes out. Check the box “Use a proxy server for your LAN” (Reminder: These settings will not apply to a dial-up or VPN connections) 8. Paste the proxy line and port in the space provided. Oh, and there’s another thing! If you use Windows as your operating system, changing the proxy settings in Google Chrome will also affect Internet Explorer and other Windows programs.

  6. It’s that simple! You now have that extra security and convenience that High Proxies offer! Believe me; High Proxies will help you in unimaginable ways. It changes your IP address so you can be safe on the internet. It will boost the speed of your internet connection and you’ll be confident that you are surfing with complete anonymity!

  7. How About You, Dear Reader? Homes and businesses have already attested on how High Proxies gave them a quality service. Do you want your Craigslist sales to go up? How about uploading more than 1000 videos on YouTube for your marketing job? The efficiency of Chrome plus the effectiveness of High Proxies will take your internet browsing to new heights. Go to now to know more about what High Proxies have to offer

  8. High Proxies: