welcome to first grade parent orientation mrs flores room 25 2018 19 n.
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Welcome to First Grade Parent Orientation Mrs. Flores Room 25 2018-19 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to First Grade Parent Orientation Mrs. Flores Room 25 2018-19

Welcome to First Grade Parent Orientation Mrs. Flores Room 25 2018-19

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Welcome to First Grade Parent Orientation Mrs. Flores Room 25 2018-19

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  1. Welcome to First Grade Parent Orientation Mrs. Flores Room 25 2018-19

  2. Cougar Cub Shared Vision Our vision is to promote a quality education, where every student is a learner, every learner is a graduate, and every graduate is a success. Belief Statements ● We exist to serve the military child. ● We are a family of lifelong learners who respect and honor individual differences, diversity, and talents. ● We believe a safe and caring environment fosters the emotional and social well-being of students. ● We believe that every teacher is a leader; every leader is a teacher. ● We inspire our students to their highest level of learning. ● We, the school community, provide engaging, challenging, and meaningful work for learners. ● We prepare students to be leaders by instilling character, competence, and creativity.

  3. Administration Dr. Joseph Cerna, Principal (210) 368-8800 Toni Johnson, Asst. Principal (PK-1) (210) 368-8805 Laura Boon, Counselor (PK-1) (210) 368-8808

  4. Mrs. Flores Email (210) 368-8800 ext 8025 Conference Time Monday – Friday 1:30-2:15

  5. Attendance • Regular school attendance is essential for the student to make the most of his or her education. Attendance is taken at 9:30 a.m. Students that are not at school at 9:15 are counted absent for the entire day. If a student is absent part of the day as a result of a medical appointment, the absence will be marked medical when a doctor’s excuse is sent in. • If a student will be absent from school three or more consecutive days, the parents should call the teacher to make arrangements to pick up schoolwork. • Tardies- The tardy bell rings at 7:45. Please make every effort to make sure your child arrives on time. • And as Dr. Cerna says: If you’re not here, you’re not learning!

  6. Our Schedule 7:30-7:45-Classroom Jobs and Morning Work 7:45-K-cub News 8:00-9:30-English Language Arts 9:30-10:15-Specials 10:15-10:30-Handwriting 10:36-11:06-Lunch 11:15-11:30-Recess 11:30-11:45-Social Studies 11:45-12:45-Math 12:45-1:30-Snack/Intervention Centers 1:30-2:15-Specials (Teacher Conference Period) 2:15-2:45-Science 2:45-2:55-Afternoon Meeting 2:55-Prepare for Dismissal 3:04-First Grade Dismissal

  7. Our Class Rules ·1-We use the appropriate voice level. ·2-We are kind. ·3-We follow directions. ·4-We keep our hands, feet, and objects to ourselves. ·5-We are safe.

  8. Classroom Management System -Students earn 3 classroom dollars each day. -They use the dollars to pay fines throughout the day for not following the classroom expectations. -They can use their money to purchase classroom coupons on Friday. -They have opportunities to earn raffle tickets during the week. -A raffle ticket is drawn out of the box on Friday. That person wins all of the money paid as fines during the week.

  9. Communication ·Our first line of communication with you will be through the Take Home Binder. Please check this daily. The binder will be used for parent notes, new and completed homework, behavior notes, transportation notes, etc. ·If concerns arise, please bring them to my attention through a note in then student agenda, or by email. ·Conferences may be requested by the parents, or the teacher. There will be designated conference times for each child on Thursday, October 18th and Friday, October 19th. Please sign up today on the designated clipboards.

  10. Conduct Grades E=EXCELLENT 0-1 write ups in agenda S=SATISFACTORY 2-7 write ups in agenda N=NEEDS IMPROVEMENT 8-10 Write ups in agenda (Office Referral may result in an N) U=UNSATISFACTORY 11 or more write ups

  11. Homework ·The purpose of homework is to reinforce skills that have been taught in class. The homework goes home on Friday and is due back on the following Friday. ·Please make sure your child practices his/her spelling words and reads for at least 15 minutes each night. There will also be math and phonics. Occasionally, I will include a home project for science or social studies. ·Students will have a word study quiz every Friday. This test will include spelling words. It also may include handwriting, capitalization, punctuation, sentence writing, etc. Students receiving a grade of less than 70 will be able to retest for a grade not exceeding 70.

  12. Opportunities for Parent Involvement -Don’t forget to turn in your Volunteer Background Check Form. It is mandatory for all volunteers. -You are welcome in our classroom. If you would like to help during our ELA or math centers, please let me know. -PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) -Field Trips and Special Events (ex: book fair)

  13. Other Information ·It is recommended that all students wear tennis shoes to school. They will need them to participate in the PE activities and Motor Lab. ·Lunch will be at 10:36-11:06 am. If you wish to have lunch with your child, your child will meet you by the office. There is a designated place on stage to enjoy lunch with your child. ·Make sure your child has lunch money or a lunch from home each day. All accounts can be taken care of in the cafeteria or visit ·If you send money from home, please put it in an envelope or a sealed zip lock bag with your child’s name on it. ·You may keep a change of clothes in a labeled zip lock-bag in your child’s backpack.

  14. Other Information ·Birthdays are special to us! Please feel free to send in a special treat on your child’s birthday. We will serve it at the end of the day to celebrate. ·In order to pass out birthday invitations at school, please include invitations for all students in our class. ·Students can bring a small healthy snack. Students may not share food. They may also keep a water bottle on their desk. At this time, we do not have any allergies in our classroom. ·Book Orders-A Scholastic Book Order Form will be coming home once a month. If you choose to purchase books for your child, I will provide you with our class code to order online.

  15. Other Information ·Bus- Children are only allowed to ride the bus to their home address or after school care provider. If they have an after school provider, the address must be on file with the office. Please keep the teacher and/or front office informed of any transportation changes. ·Please do not send any toys, jewelry, or valuables to school with your child. ·Sometimes our classroom gets cold. You may want to send a light jacket for the mornings. ·Please read the student-parent handbook carefully. You may find the student-parent hand book on the Fort Sam Houston web page

  16. Let’s Have a Great Year!