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wednesday november 6 2013 n.
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Wednesday November 6, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Wednesday November 6, 2013

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Wednesday November 6, 2013
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Wednesday November 6, 2013

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  1. Wednesday November 6, 2013 Bellringer: Please sit down and take out your rough draft. Take the next few minutes to read over it, finish it up, and make any changes you need to make.

  2. Let’s work with some quotation marks! Use quotation marks to set off anything that is quoted or spoken language. My father always said “Be careful what you wish for.” (Be sure to put the period inside the quotation mark!)

  3. A little bit of lagniappe Double quotations (“like this”) are used to quote another person’s spoken or written words. Single quotations (‘like this’) are used where we would normally use double quotations inside something already using them. e.g. “My favorite poem is Dickinson’s ‘My Life Closed Twice Before its Close,’” said Ms. Grace.

  4. Let’s add some quotation marks! How long have you been Big D then? Said Harry.Shut it snarled Dudley turning away again.Cool name, said Harry, grinning, but you’ll always be IckleDiddykins to me.Shut your face.You don’t tell her to shut her face. What about popkin and Dinky Diddydums, can I use them then? -Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

  5. Time to break up into groups! • Move your desks into your regular groups of four. • Take out a colored pen or highlighter, your rough draft, and a blank piece of paper. • Swap essays with someone in your group. • Read over your classmate’s essay. • Write your classmate a short letter telling him or her three things you like about their essay and two ideas you think they could use to make it better for their final draft. Please, focus on the content only. • Be helpful and considerate!!

  6. Time to revise! Quietly work individually for the next 20 minutes on a second draft of your paper based on your classmate’s suggestions.

  7. Groups again… • Switch papers with another person in your group. • This time, focus on grammar and mechanics (punctuation and such). • Write your classmate a letter explaining three things you think was good about his or her grammar and mechanics and two things they could do better in their final draft. • Again, be considerate and helpful!

  8. Final draft For the rest of class, please work on your final draft quietly. Make sure to take your classmates’ suggestions into consideration. 

  9. Wrapping up… Please take out a sheet of paper and write a short paragraph for Ms. Grace and Ms. Melissa telling us one thing you have learned from what we’ve been working on. We hope you’ve taken something away to help you on your LEAP test this year and in high school next year!