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  1. VERSATILITY The compact size and lightweight of the BIGMAX TC crane makes it useful in many different applications. Especially where space may be limited. Basically it can be used for anything that needs to be lifted, not exceeding 5000 lbs

  2. FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES Enclosed low-maintenance slewing gear set operates in oil bath Cast steel base encloses slewing gears (TC 130 an up)

  3. FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES Counter-balance valve protected extension cylinder

  4. FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES Multi-function proportional valve Easy to install control console

  5. FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES Available on all BIGMAX TC crane models! High quality electric power pack (“E” models)

  6. FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES Flange direct mounted counter-balance on main lifting cylinder (TC 130 & up)

  7. FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES JIC North American Standard hoses and hose ends.

  8. FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES Hexagonal boom is constructed of high tensile steel giving it greater strength and less weight.

  9. FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES Sequenced boom extension cylinders.

  10. Options Stabilizers/Outriggers Height adjustable Easy to install Operated from crane control valve

  11. Options Remote control Hydraulic winches Mechanical extensions

  12. APPLICATIONS Here are some examples of where you may find a BIGMAX TC crane: On small mobile units, placing monuments & grave stones, Airport service units, tool and parcel handling. Farm tractors, with heavy tool attachments. (augur’s etc.) Inside van bodies Propane industry, delivery and handling of propane cylinders Tankers, for the handling of hoses Mechanics trucks or trailers Delivery trucks or trailers Service trucks, placing transformers Mounted on industrial machinery, to lift tools or assist production. Dock mounted Shotcreting, and tunnel spraying Sign trucks, sign placement Lift heavy tool attachments into place Service trucks, fitted with a man basket Help workmen with loads, to heavy to carry and operate A wide range of models enables you to have the correct crane for your custom application.




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