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Silica Sand and Its Versatility PowerPoint Presentation
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Silica Sand and Its Versatility

Silica Sand and Its Versatility

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Silica Sand and Its Versatility

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  1. 8003111855 Silica Sand and Its Versatility Ever visitor a construction site or got your house built from scratch? You must then surely be familiar with Silica Sand! The versatile material used in variety of industries viz. Chemical, Construction, Glass Making, Metal Casting, Ceramics, and Water Filtration etc. Buy Silica Sand at Palash Minerals- reputed Silica Sand Exporters in India. Silica Sand is actually tiny fine granules of Quartz broken by atmospheric agents like wind and water. High quality pure Silica Sand whose granule size is closely controlled is commonly known as Industrial Sand. Silica Sand is used in all major industrial sectors which earns it the name of versatile material. Let us know this in detail. 1.Chemical Production: Silica Sand and Silica based products are used widely in chemical industries to manufacture products. For example, it is the main component used in production of silicon gels, sodium silicate and Silicon Tetrachloride. These are the chemicals used as raw ingredient in the manufacture of floor cleaners, fabric, optical fibres, industrial cleaners etc. Silicon based products are used every day in thousands of industries to manufacture soaps, detergents, dyes etc. 2.Paints and Coatings: Micro sized Silica Sand (the Industrial form) is used in paints and coatings to improve their appearance drastically. They enhance key performance determining factors like oil absorption, reflection, brightness, shine and consistency. Silica fillers added to paints and coatings make them resistant to weather, stains and dust, hence making them weather proof and durable. They are even used to paint boat bottoms as they are excellent corrosion resistant agents. 3.Ceramics: Silica Sand is one of the major components of glaze. Ground Silica and Silica Sand is used in manufacture of Ceramics like tableware, cup plates, sanitary ware, decorative items, floor tiles, wall tiles etc. 4.Construction: Silica Sand (Industrial grade type) is the basic ingredient used in production of many construction and building materials. Mortar, cement, flooring compounds all has one common basic element- whole grain silica. It does not change the basic chemical properties of the constituents all the while promoting durability, strength and anti skid features.

  2. 8003111855 5.Metal Production: Majority of Iron ore materials, both ferrous and ferric type, are extracted using processes in which Silica Sand (Industrial Sand) plays a critical role. It actually reduces the viscosity and lowers the melting point, thereby making the slag more efficient and reactive. Lime paired with lump silica is used in purification process to attain the perfect acid and base ratio. It is also used in the Quartz Manufacturers in India industry for de oxidization and to achieve grain refinement. 6.Glass Making: Silica Sand is the single most essential component required in the manufacture of glass. It provides Silicon dioxide, the main component required for glass making. The purity and characteristics of Silica Sand determines the clarity, colour and properties of glass thus manufactured. 7.Water Filtration: Silica sand is used to filter drinking water. Silica Sand having uniform grain size is used to make filtration bed of water purifiers. Water percolating down the filtration bed gets rid of impurities. Get pure Silica Sand and Industrial Sand at affordable prices at Palash Minerals- silica sand manufacturers in India.

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