byron mulhall director of cisco product management comstor n.
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Byron Mulhall Director of Cisco Product Management, Comstor PowerPoint Presentation
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Byron Mulhall Director of Cisco Product Management, Comstor

Byron Mulhall Director of Cisco Product Management, Comstor

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Byron Mulhall Director of Cisco Product Management, Comstor

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  1. Welcome to today’s Tele Track, “Cisco Authorized Refurbished Equipment Program” hosted by:ComstorFor the audio portion of this event, please call:1-877-522-7671 Byron Mulhall Director of Cisco Product Management, Comstor

  2. Conference Features • Questions • To send a text question to the presenter, type your question in the “To ask the presenter a question” field and click “Ask”. • Please hold all audio questions until the end. • All questions will be answered following our last presentation. • Downloading Presentations • During a featured presentation, you may obtain a PDF version by clicking “File” → “Print to PDF” within Microsoft Live Meeting. • All presentations featured in this Tele Track will be available for download following the conclusion of today’s conference. • A recording of the conference will be available tomorrow morning. • An e-mail will be sent out to all participants with the presentation URL following the conference.

  3. Presenters • Byron Mulhall, Director, Cisco Product Management, Comstor • Doug Karmin, Senior Manager, Business Development, Cisco Systems Capital

  4. Corporate Mission • Corporate Principles • Make our customers more successful than their competitors • Be a significant contributor to our vendor’s success • Continuously evolve and improve our internal effectiveness and efficiency • Profitability driven – earnings first, revenue second • Goals • Deliver profitable solutions to the channel • Align infrastructure to meet market conditions • Evolve value-add business model to meet customer needs • Maximize resources to gain efficiencies and increase productivity throughout supply chain • Assure long-term viability of customers

  5. Marketing ServicesCustomer marketing services for awareness and lead generation Business Intelligence and Support • Vertical MarketsProfit-producing vertical market support in government, education and healthcare • TrainingBranded, vital training programs in more formats than any other distributor

  6. Our Cisco Commitment • Infrastructure investment built around supporting Cisco—our people, systems and processes. • Org structure allows for flexible and responsive support to all Cisco field personnel--ICAMs, CAMs, AMs and MCOs. • Regional training support that recognizes unique needs of local VAR community. • Committed to focusing on Advanced Technologies, specifically convergence and security. • Comstor’s investment in professional services which leads to increased product sales.

  7. SMARTnet Program • SMARTnet is a strategic program within Comstor • Comstor assisted in the development of the SMS tools, even to the detriment of short term revenue goals. • Comstor has dedicated resources and talent in a comprehensive program which includes both marketing initiatives and support personnel to further Cisco’s services business. • Program Objectives • Increase sales of SMARTnet from current dealers • Increase attach rates from current base • Promote Cisco SMS Investment & use of IT Tools • Attract new dealers to Comstor • Marketing Objectives • Build awareness and preference for purchasing SMARTnet via Comstor • Position Comstor as the leader in and authority on Cisco SMARTnet services

  8. Program Objectives engagement • To maximize the SMB opportunity by building a reseller recruitment and sales engagement program based on focus, commitment and targeted end user sales actions. value opportunity • To create a platform to enhance and reinforce the value of resellers in the SMB market, efficiently helping them through the entire sales cycle. new markets incremental • To drive incremental SMB sales by utilizing ‘think out-of-the-box’ concepts to uncover new market opportunities: • Technology Penetration • Technology Migration • New End User (“Logo”) Capture

  9. Platform/ Infrastructure Tools engagement • 1/ Integrated SMB Business platform / SMBx Portals • • 2/ Lead Delivery/Opportunity Management • LeadVision • 3/ Reseller Sales Enablement tools/ Presentation Tool • SalesVision • 4/ Business Solution Configurator (FUTURE) • 5/ Managed SMB Mall / Store Front (FUTURE) opportunity value incremental new markets

  10. How to Enroll in SMBx • Applications distributed at: • Comstor Field Seminars • Online at:

  11. Contact Comstor Today • Byron Mulhall, Director, Cisco Product Management Phone: 1-800-955-9590, x5191 Email: • Contact your Comstor Account Manager at 1 800 COMSTOR • Visit our Cisco SMB Promotion section online at:

  12. Thank you for your business and support!