it takes time developing and maintaining your personal brand n.
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It Takes Time: Developing and Maintaining Your Personal Brand PowerPoint Presentation
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It Takes Time: Developing and Maintaining Your Personal Brand

It Takes Time: Developing and Maintaining Your Personal Brand

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It Takes Time: Developing and Maintaining Your Personal Brand

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  1. It Takes Time: Developing and Maintaining Your Personal Brand Kelly Fisher Senior Honors Thesis

  2. Personal Branding – Recap • Definition • Personal branding is how we market ourselves to others. • “What you bring to the table” • A Unique Value Proposition is the attributes particular to an individual that makes them uniquely valuable to an institution or organization.

  3. YOUR STRATEGY Create Your personal branding toolkit may consist of a blog, Web site, résumé, portfolio, and a LinkedIn profile. Discover In order to really understand who you are and create a career path moving forward you need to do some self-discovery Maintain As you grow, mature, and accelerate in your career, everything you've created has to be updated and accurately represent your current brand YOUR Personal BRAND Communicate Start attending networking events, writing articles, and putting on your "personal PR hat," to start gaining attention

  4. Me 3.0 – Creating a New Me: A How-To Build a Personal Brand for College Students What we will be doing… Step 6 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 1 • Discover • Create • Maintain • Evaluation • Judging of the two best Personal Branders • The FINAL Product • Personal Branding Toolkit • Expand Your Brand • Career Assessment • Brand Check • YourUnique Value Proposition • Goal Check • Winner! • Goals Exercise • Networking Exercise • Finished Portfolio & Resume • Best mediums to showcase your brand • Evaluation Survey • Winner!

  5. WINNER WINNER! • Incentives: at the end, the 2 groups will judge 2 people who have developed their personal brand

  6. Struggles with Portfolios • What struggles are you having?

  7. Whose in Your Network? • What type of people? • Who do you wish were in your network?

  8. Exercise 1 • Pair off • List everything the two of them have in common. • The winning team is the one with the longest list.

  9. What We Learned • What did you get out of this exercise? • You should be learning about developing a relationship with a stranger and the various kinds of things they can have in common

  10. Expanding Your Network • The essence of networking: • talking to old contacts to get leads and following up on those leads • meeting new people and striking up a conversation • joining new organizations and becoming active • And this is where most people fail. • What are some ways to extend your existing network?

  11. Ways to extend your existing network: Phone calls Letters or newsletter Join a professional society or civic organization Internet newsgroups Consultants and consultants' networks Technical conferences, workshops Someone at a company you'd like to work for Recruiters, headhunters Expanding Your Network, Cont’d

  12. Exercise 2 • The winner is the person who fills in the most blanks. NOTE: a person can't sign for more than one item on a form. (By the way, the numeric series in the last item on the hunt are the values for 5% standard resistors.) • For groups that might not contain a significant number of EE's, you might want to substitute: • Has a golf handicap of 10 or less, or Has met a US President.) • What you should learn from this exercise: Ask participants what they learned about • You should be learning that if you know what you are looking for, you can find it; and there are valuable contacts all around us.

  13. Instructions: Read the items listed below; then find someone in the group who fits the bill for each item. Ask him/her to sign the blank next to the item which applies. (Any one individual may sign for only one item on your list.) Your goal is to find a match for each item. Good luck! 1.______ Shares your first initial 2.______ Serves as an officer in a non-IEEE association 3.______ Played a musical instrument in a band 4.______ Worked outside the US 5.______ Has worked for a company while it went public 6.______ Has more than two graduate degrees 7.______ Has been to the White House on official business 8.______ Has published a book 9.______ Has gotten a job using Internet 10.______ Has traveled to more than three continents 11.______ Has worked for one company more than 15 years 12.______ Speaks a foreign language fluently 13.______ Has worked on a political campaign 14.______ Has more than 4 children 15.______ Can fill in the blanks in this series: 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 43, 47, 51, 56, 62, ---, ---, ---, ---, 100 Networking Scavenger Hunt

  14. Job hunting tactics

  15. Tap Into Your Network • Use to your advantage • References (people most familiar with you and your work) • Present/former managers and colleagues • Old school friends and alumni association members • Friends, family, neighbors, etc

  16. Networking Techniques • Elevator Pitch (60 second biography or description) • Ask for information, not a job or internship • Pass along information • Don’t pressure your network for more than it can easil supply • Don’t use pressure tatics • Always carry business cards or portfolio to a networking function • Follow up

  17. Networking can be a powerful tool You have more opportunities to make contacts while you are working In the future, networking skills will be even more important Conclusions

  18. Build a Personal Branding Toolkit • Personal Statement - Unique Value Proposition • Resume • E-Portfolio • Website or blog • Social Media Outlets • LinkedIn • Facebook

  19. The Strategy GOOGLE yourself 2 Create a LinkedIn account Manage your Facebook page 3 1 Create a blog or website 4 Create your resume / e-portfolio 5 6 Career Development / Networking

  20. Me 3.0 Timeline Part 1 of Me 3.0 The Beginning: Discovering Your Personal Brand Part 3 of Me 3.0 Exploration & Evaluation: What Impact Have You Made? !FINAL JUDGING! Sep Oct Nov Dec FINAL Personal branding tool kit (E-Portfolio for honors) Part 2 of Me 3.0 It Takes Time: Developing and Maintaining Your Personal Brand Me 3.0 Creating a New Me: A How-To Build a Personal Brand for College Students