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Vendor Conference Military Support PowerPoint Presentation
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Vendor Conference Military Support

Vendor Conference Military Support

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Vendor Conference Military Support

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  1. Vendor ConferenceMilitary Support SMSgt Troy Miller, Ms. Gina Tremmel Mr. Bill Spencer HQ AFSVA/SVOTP

  2. Vision/Mission Statement • Vision The DoD leader in mission feeding throughsuperior capabilities and enhanced sense of community, delivering value to Airmen and the Air Force • Mission To transform Air Force Food & Beverage operations into an efficient, integrated customer-driven system while maintaining Airmen food service skills for contingency and wartime missions

  3. Partnership • Integrated Team (Customer Focus) • Military: Training Perspective • Contractor: Financial Perspective • Blending of the Team is a Learning Process • Not Easy • Important to spell out lines of responsibility • SOW/SOO (working hard to build an integrated plan)

  4. Military Perspective Air Force’s Military Food Service • Train and equip for wartime/contingency environment…UTC requirement • Provide duty positions/responsibilities for career progression (2 core areas) • Heritage • Maintain Hennessy Program • Provide Special meals (i.e. holiday meals/ethnic meals) • Provide meeting place for groups/clubs

  5. FSS Food Service Org Chart FSS Commander Air Force Force Support Food Service Org Chart Government Employee (Mil & Civ) TPC/Mil/Civ Deputy FSS Commander Sustainment Flight Chief QAE Food & Bev Director Food Service Officer/Supt Flight Kitchen Hybrid Facility

  6. Military Food Service Organizational Chart Air Force Food Service Duty Positions Main Facility Accountant (In RM Flt) TSgt/SSgt Food Service Superintendent MSgt/MSgt Facility Mgr NCOIC MSgt/TSgt Trainer TSgt Special Event Coordinator MSgt/TSgt Pastry Production SSgt/SrA Production Manager MSgt/TSgt Storeroom Manager SSgt/SrA Shift Leader Morning Shift TSgt/SSgt Shift Leader Afternoon Shift TSgt/SSgt Shift Leader Evening Shift Sgt/SSgt Shift Worker SSgt/Airmen Shift Worker SSgt/Airmen Shift Worker SSgt/Airmen Storeroom Wk Airmen

  7. Training Opportunities • Areas of Opportunity for Training • Specialized Training per Contractor • Cashier Duties • NAF Accounting • Military Requirements • Opportunities • Special Event Coordinator/Banquet Manager • Marketing • Bar Operations

  8. Training Plan • Military’s training plan • Highly detailed (wartime skill centric) • Implemented by the military • Contractor’s training plan • Geared to your specific training needs • Provide opportunity (wartime skills) • Provide new areas to military (cashier duty) • Integrated training plan • Meets mission requirements

  9. Contingencies/Wartime Support Contingency/Wartime Support Backfill requirements-Written in the SOW/SOO Volatile depending on world events Deployment schedule Exercises and Local event support Natural Disaster

  10. IT Support • Initial phase: Current IT systems will be used • Field current system to meet mission requirements • Mission Essential Feeding Facilities • Aloha application • Manages both the front/back of the house • Frequent Buyer software- manages ESM (Meal Cards) • Catering • Caterease • Manage all aspects of an event • Room Viewer • Assist with room set ups giving the customer a virtual view of the event • Contractor may propose other options • NAF Operations • Aloha System

  11. Food Procurement/ Delivery • Procurement of Subsistence through the Prime Vendor • MEFF must order all subsistence from DSCP (Defense Supply Center Philadelphia) using CFS interfacing with STORES • STORES will directly interface with the PV (Prime Vendors) and Market Ready Vendors • Procurement of Subsistence Outside the Prime Vendor • Approval of items to be purchased by: HQ AFSVA/SVOFO • Issued a Government Purchase Card to contractor • Provide Purchase Orders to HQ AFSVA/SVOFO • Procurement of Subsistence for non MEFF • STORES/DSCP may be used .

  12. Electronic Ordering Food Procurement/Delivery 1. DSCP/STORES ElectronicOrdering Food Operation Prime Vendor/Market Ready 13


  14. Questions Questions?