transitioning your education specialist level i program s n.
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Transitioning Your Education Specialist Level I Program(s) PowerPoint Presentation
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Transitioning Your Education Specialist Level I Program(s)

Transitioning Your Education Specialist Level I Program(s)

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Transitioning Your Education Specialist Level I Program(s)

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  1. Transitioning Your Education Specialist Level I Program(s) May 5, 2010

  2. Purpose in Transitioning Programs Allow for thoughtful transition Save time and effort for institution Allow implementation for up to a year prior to finalizing a Program Narrative More meaningful review by CTC after implementing for up to 2 years

  3. When to Transition? When need IPR? • IPR • Clear Education Specialist • Clear-MS/SS • Bilingual • CTEL Transition Education Specialist Preliminary Other Related Services School Nurse

  4. Transitioning a Program Revised standards are quite similar to prior standards Allows a program to thoughtfully move to the revised standards Holds sponsor responsible to meet standards—prior to revised standards Review the transitioned program in the accreditation system

  5. Steps in the Transition Process • Review new standards and analyze for your program(s) • Gather faculty and plan transitioned program • Complete institution approvals for transitioned program • Submit Transition Plan document

  6. Process (continued) Offer Transitioned Program to candidates Monitor and make adjustments to transitioned program Finalize Program Narrative addressing all program standards Collect course syllabi and assessments Prepare to submit program documentation

  7. What Programs may Transition? Institutions offering the Ed SP Level I programs may elect to offer the following Preliminary or Added Authorization Programs by submitting a Transition Plan

  8. Transition Plandue 60 days prior to the Transition Date Please describe the process your program engaged in to address the modified standards. Describe the changes that your program will be making to your courses and field experiences to address the modified standards. Please also provide your timeline for implementing your newly revised courses and field experiences.

  9. Review of Transition Plan • CTC Staff reviews the TP. If acceptable-- • COA Agenda—Item 6B • Approved Programs web page is updated • AA Programs are listed on the Special Education web page

  10. Institution Begins to Offer Program • For both Preliminary and AA Programs • Develop Program Narrative responding to all Program Standards • Collect updated syllabi and assessment tools • Be ready to submit (electronically) within 2 years of beginning the program

  11. Timeline for Program Review January-April 2010 Transition

  12. Mid 2010 Transition(May-July 2010)

  13. Fall 2010 Transition(August-December 2010)

  14. Early 2011 Transition(January-May 2011)

  15. Mid 2011 Transition(June-September 2011)

  16. Initial Program Review New Ed Sp or ORS programs New Added Authorization programs All Clear Education Specialist programs Must complete the IPR process